Mirona LED

Mirona LED - Meets any requirement

Reduce costs, increase productivity – light is frequently overlooked as a factor which can offer competitive advantage,but its influence on success is immense, especially in the industrial sector. Light improves occupational safety levels, reduces error rates, optimises work results and also creates attractive accents in prestigious areas. There is also potential on the cost side – modern LED installations consume less than half the energy of conventional lighting solutions.

With Mirona Fit LED and Mirona RL LED, investors, designers, installers and operators are given a luminaire family that flexibly and optimally satisfies the diverse and demanding requirements made on light – a single range of luminaires that meets the complete spectrum of demands. Challenges in the retail and industrial sectors are diverse:

Lighting in industrial surroundings must provide maximum performance in unusual ambient conditions, ranging from extremely low temperatures as found in cold stores to the high temperatures of production areas. Luminaires must also be resistant to knocks and vibrations and be able to withstand both dust and humidity. In short, the industrial sector needs robust and reliable luminaires such as the Mirona range, because each failure or additional maintenance not only means effort, but in worst cases idle machine times and significant financial losses.

In industrial applications, luminaires are often difficult-to-access because of high ceilings or machines and maintenance work is often associated with significant effort and work interruptions. Under such conditions, at least 50,000 operating hours free of maintenance with LED lighting solutions provide a major advantage.

Modern LED solutions cut energy bills by around 50% compared to standard lighting systems and even 70% is possible with the use of intelligent light management. This in turn means that increasing electricity prices barely take effect.

High light quality supports levels of work productivity and glare-free light enables quick and reliable vision that helps in avoiding errors and identifying hazardous situations.

Industrial lighting solutions must also satisfy aesthetic demands in places where industrial work areas come together with more prestigious customer or sales areas, for example with car dealerships. In such situations the Mirona RL LED provides an all-round, qualitative solution.

Mirona Fit LED: Minimum dimensions with maximum power

Maximum cost efficiency
With 145 lm/W the luminaire is very efficient. , High luminous flux levels mean less light points and also a reduction in investment and operating costs. the 52,000 lm high output version enables 2:1 refurbishments.

Three lumen levels and beam characteristics are available. Additional versions integrate intelligent technologies. As a result, the Mirona Fit LED has a wide range of applications in the industrial sector.

The robust Mirona Fit LED offers a long, low-maintenance service life even under tough conditions. CLO (Constant Light Output) technology minimises loss of luminous flux.

According to lumen level and size, the luminaire weighs just 3 kg, 7 kg or 12 kg (52,000 lm). This relatively low weight makes installation easier.

In addition to the base version, the sensor version of the Mirona Fit LED offers lighting designers and end users additional possibilities for increasing efficiency via daylight and presence detection.

Mirona RL LED: All-Round Performance

Robust and elegant at the same time, the Mirona RL LED is not only ideal for industrial applications but also provides optimum lighting solutions for decorative and prestigious areas.

Housing, electronics and optic, in fact all Mirona LED components, feature high-quality materials and were designed for use in challenging ambient conditions. As with the Mirona RL LED: its IP65 protection rating gives it immunity to dust and humidity and temperatures from -30 °C to +35 °C also pose no problem.

The Mirona RL LED is proof that robust designs can still look elegant – the decorative luminaire blends harmoniously into any surroundings.

The complete Mirona LED family is characterised by a high quality of light and optimum visual comfort. The Mirona RL LED for example features an ideal combination of various beam characteristics, good glare reduction and high colour rendering values. The complete light emission surface of the circular luminaire is also illuminated thanks to a special diffuser panel.

With up to 110 lm/W, the Mirona RL LED significantly cuts operating overheads and the long, maintenancefree luminaire lifespan of up to 50,000 operating hours is a further advantage, without costly disruptions to operations and without maintenance work.

Installers have it easy with the Mirona RL LED. The luminaire is rapidly mounted thanks to its Wieland rapid connection and single-point suspension, thus cutting installation costs to a minimum.

A well-prepared overall package for special requirements

Whether it‘s hot assembly lines, extremely high hall ceilings or cold storage areas, the optimum lighting solution is quickly found – the Mirona LED. All luminaire models are ideal for industrial applications thanks to homogeneous, glare-free light, extremely high protection ratings and long lifespans..

Extremely flexible and adaptable
Thanks to its extensive range of luminous flux packages, dimensions, optical systems and mounting methods, the Mirona LED family provides lighting designers with a great deal of planning flexibility. Almost all industrial applications can be equipped optimally with one of the luminaire types, enabling uniform systems across all operational areas.

  • flexible applications
  • wide selection of luminous flux packages between 6,000 and 52,000 lm
  • various optical systems
  • various mounting methods

Mirona RL LED: Minimal effort thanks to the plug & play rapid connection system – as good as it sounds.
Installers quickly and simply connect up the Mirona LED with the Wieland connector, thus cutting installation costs to a minimum.

  • Wieland connector for plug & play installation

Mirona Fit LED: Simplifies installation thanks to its minimal weight.
Depending upon the lumen package, the electrical contractor only needs to handle between 3kg and 12kg (52,000 lumen version).

  • Simplifies installation, particularly at high mounting heights

  • Suitable for ceiling and wall-mounting as well as suspended

Energy-efficient, carefree packages
With high luminous efficacy of up to 145 lm/W and a long, maintenance-free service life, the Mirona LED range provides especially cost-efficient lighting solutions. The high quality of light also provides optimum visual comfort for greater work safety and problem-free production processes. Despite being highly robust, the luminaires are also attractive through their purist designs.

  • long service life, no maintenance
  • low energy consumption
  • very quick pay-back of investment costs
  • high light quality for greater visual comfort and occupational safety
  • robust, highly resistant construction