TRILUX Portal - Simplify working more efficiently

The new TRILUX website is not only now more tidy and modern, but each area, screen and function has been newly designed. The TRILUX Portal is also intended to make your work as simple and effective as possible. We've reconsidered many processes and adapted these to the daily work of planners, architects and installers, and also hopefully your work as well. Work sequences are supported, understandable and transparent.

The TRILUX portal contains a project management system in which all articles for a project can be saved. Other project team members can be invited to support the processing work. The portal automatically brings together all relevant data so that product information, tender documents, (light) planning data and prices are all available with one click. Working online was never as simple as this!


Rapid, simple finding of all required information

All optimised data, texts and information for downloading with just a few clicks

Create structured projects, save these and work in teams

Automatic calculation of gross prices

Register TRILUX Portal

Simply everywhere and any time

Simplify your Workspace

Searching now becomes finding

Simplify your Search

Each area of the website has been optimised for PCs, tablets and smartphones. This means that all functions are available in their entirety, at all times and in a user-friendly way. Whether you're in the office, on the road or at home – TRILUX helps you to master your daily work anywhere.

  • Work where you want to
  • On a smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Flexible solutions for your tasks
  • The world is your workstation

From now on, long search processes are a thing of the past. Our optimised search function leads you quickly to the required result, whether this concerns a series, accessory, magazine content or contact person.

  • IIntelligent searching and finding
  • Products, references and downloads
  • Search result preview
  • Intuitive search behaviour


Simplify your Projectmanagement.


Simplify your Teamwork.

The new TRILUX website makes it easy for you to create and manage new projects. Gather together the required tender documents in the portal and download these conveniently in the required format. Watchlists help you by enabling you to always access your saved website content, products, accessories, images, references and configurations. This is how easy projects can be managed.

  • Simple planning of complex projects
  • Project and room management
  • Suitable selection of accessory articles
  • Extensive download manager

Teams can be simply created in our new portal. These teams work together on projects and manage individual project tasks together. Project changes and news can be called via a central timeline. These can also be sent directly as emails to selected team members.

  • Simple management and effective teamwork
  • Team members access the same up-to-date data
  • Always up-to-date thanks to the timeline
  • Carrying out projects together without needing to send large data quantities


Simplify your Configuration.

Our product configurators give you valuable support for your daily work processes. All functions are clearly arranged, rapid and easily accessible. As a registered user you even directly receive gross prices for further processing and calculations.

  • Simple product configuration
  • Individual planning
  • Automatic calculation of gross prices


All TRILUX portal functions at a glance: Find out more about the practical tool that simplifies your work.

  • The central work area in the TRILUX Portal
  • Enables rapid access to all portal functions
  • Clearly documents all changes to your project
  • All people working in the project can comment on single project steps, can offer information and design project progress in an understandable way
  • The watchlist is the core
  • Provides an overview of projects, watched products and references
  • Projects can be created and managed at any time with the watchlist
  • Create your personal projects with individual room planning
  • In a project you have access to room creation, team management and the project timeline
  • Watched products are saved in the watchlist, in a project, or directly in a room in a project
  • The rapid function bar gives you a useful overview of the last watched products
  • As the initiator of the project, you hold all the strings yourself
  • Gather your team as you wish, dissolve it, delete the complete project or remove single persons
  • Invite further people to your project via email
  • With a link to your project, the invited person can participate directly in project work following a once-only registration
  • The TRILUX team can also offer individual solution suggestions here as well
  • This enables a comparison of 2 to 4 products
  • Add a product to the product comparison by clicking on the icon
  • Also delete it just as simply with a click as well
  • You need just a few clicks to download data to individual products, individual rooms or the complete project, either altogether or individually
  • Downloads can be simply sent in the form of download links via e-mail
  • This means you don't have to send large quantities of data