"Für Elise" is one of Beethoven's timeless classics. We have recreated this world-renowned piano piece in homage to our classic E-Line Next LED continuous-row system. Our new star, the LiveLink ONE App, takes on the role of conductor. Claudia Lüdenbach, Application Manager Industry, and Sebastian Ludwig, our specialist for LiveLink ONE, offer a behind-the-scenes look.

How did this idea come about?

Claudia Lüdenbach: Essentially, it was a spontaneous idea that kept taking shape. Once it settled in our minds, the connection became apparent - not only due to the similar names but because "Für Elise" and our E-Line are timeless classics in their respective segments, recognized and appreciated by their target audiences. The video provides a wonderful opportunity to creatively showcase the key benefits of our solutions beyond the traditional sales or product video.

Sebastian Ludwig: : The new LiveLink ONE app streamlines light management across all applications, making it a quick and safe affair. The app automatically identifies luminaires, sensors and push-buttons, instantly providing a fully functional basic configuration. The video illustrates how effortlessly one can control each individual light point precisely. With this short clip, we playfully demonstrate what E-Line Next LED and LiveLink ONE achieve daily in industrial applications: delivering excellent, energy-efficient, perfectly controlled light via a light management app.

Are you happy with the result?

Claudia Lüdenbach: Definitely. It's a very unique project that we as #TeamTRILUX, executed with a lot of fun and passion. The video was filmed in our production hall in Arnsberg, where our E-Line NEXT LED is installed and ensures optimal workplace lighting. I believe the video surprises customers and reflects our enthusiasm for light and lighting.

Sebastian Ludwig: I hope that the clip generates interest in the diverse possibilities of light management, not just as an accompaniment to classical piano music but for sophisticated industrial and logistics applications. The new distribution center of the Scotch & Soda fashion brand in the President Business Park in Hoofddorp (Netherlands) exemplifies what this means in practice. Our E-Line Next LED continuous-row lighting system, controlled using LiveLink Premium, has made a significant contribution to meeting the BREEAM and WELL requirements.

A detour is indeed worthwhile.