With the E-Line LED, TRILUX now offers a continuous line system that, thanks to its diversity of versions, is flexible enough to fulfil the complete range of lighting tasks in the industrial and retail sectors.

Strip lighting system E-Line LED offers up to 148 lm/W and is accordingly recommended for use at the kind of heights typical in industrial buildings. With their low procurement and operating costs, E-Line LED systems can be written off very quickly. An added advantage is the fact that fitting them does not require great effort, particularly in the case of retrofitting measures for existing T5/T8 lighting systems: it takes only 44 seconds to replace an individual light.

Because of their smooth surface, these robust luminaires, which can be surface-mounted or pendant, remain efficient even in environments where much dirt is produced. They allow for low-contrast light and come in different finishes. Moreover, customers can choose between luminous flux values between 4,000 and 20,000 lumens.

The lamp insert is suitable for temperatures between -15°C and +35°C.

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E-Line LED