Whether you are looking for a simple switchable solution or a luminaire suitable for a smart lighting network with IoT applications, the TUGRA is able to fulfill any of these needs. Due to its versatility, this luminaire can be used in almost any environment, making it an excellent tool to connect spaces. And thanks to its flexible modular concept with function blocks, the TUGRA can be easily implemented into several types of light management systems.

Smart concept

Functional modules offering optimal flexibility

The TUGRA is extremely flexible in terms of lighting technology, and it can be equipped with a wide range of functional modules fitting seamlessly into the minimalist design, enabling users to precisely adapt the desired range of services and smartness to their individual projects. As a variant with sensors for daylight and presence detection, the TUGRA can be precisely controlled, either as a single luminaire or a light line. Smart applications such as “moving light” in parking garages are also possible without complex configurations.

Light management

​​Great advantages without any effort

The TUGRA is optionally available with an integrated LiveLink Wi-Fi control unit making it possible to implement it in a light management system. The greatest advantage of applying the luminaire in this way: LED refurbishment with light management reduces energy consumption by up to 85 percent compared to an “uncontrolled” conventional solution. Cloud functions and applications such as Human Centric Lighting (HCL), bringing natural daylight into the interior, can also be implemented quickly and easily into the luminaire.

Additional options

Emergency lighting modules, power and data interfaces

The TUGRA is able to fulfill numerous additional tasks that go beyond the function of providing excellent light, including the implementation of emergency lighting components or a 230V power supply, enabling extra security and external data exchange. Next to that, downstream systems can be easily implemented with the appropriate modules, making the TUGRA a unique and extremely versatile solution.

IoT modules

Sustainable and future-proof features

TUGRA creates an optimal level of sustainability from every aspect. IoT components can be quickly and easily integrated into the lighting network using function modules with standardized interfaces. Users can choose from a variety of options for integrating smart modules such as cameras, speakers or Wi-Fi repeaters, and in the future, many more advanced features will be added. The currently available modules can also be integrated into the luminaires later, making the TUGRA a secure, sustainable and future-proof solution.