A year after discussions and planning began, The Green House has opened its doors. A circular restaurant pavilion that makes a significant difference through its coherent circular business case for the duration of 15 years + 1 day. The Green House provides space for a restaurant with its own urban farm and a conference facility. The concept accelerates the transition from traditional to innovative circular sustainable real estate development – development that returns investment and pushes the boundaries of sustainability.

Central element of the circular economy

From the outset, a holistic approach was taken to examine how circularity could best be implemented in all phases. Numerous innovations thus found their way into practice. The approach used is now actively shared with visitors and the industry in keeping with the motto “right to copy”, making The Green House the circular nucleus of Utrecht and its surroundings. Circular value models were used almost exclusively to build a scalable business case. In addition, over the next 15 years, efforts will continue to make operations, preparation methods and ingredients of the restaurant more sustainable. That means the search won’t end with The Green House opening its doors, but continue while it is in operation – much like a “living lab” where successes achieved can also be applied in other environments.

Use instead of possession

TRILUX applies the circular business case “pay for use” for this project and thus provides light as a service. For a period of 15 years, TRILUX will remain the owner of the lighting installation and is thus responsible for its ideal function. Operator Albron, on the other hand, will pay a fee for the use of the light. The application of the latest technologies guarantees a maintenance-friendly, long service life. An essential prerequisite for the creation of a business case of this nature is the measurability of the luminaire data. By equipping all luminaires with smart control and connecting them to the cloud via the LiveLink light management system, real-time data regarding burning time, dimming levels, ambient temperatures and maintenance requirements can be read out.

Sustainable reuse

After expiry of the period of 15 years + 1 day from construction of the circular restaurant pavilion, TRILUX ensures sustainable reuse of the luminaires. They can then be used for other projects (reuse), provided with current components (refurbish), or the raw materials can be used again in our production process (recycle).

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