Comediterraneo, a company belonging to PAC2000A group, entrusted TRILUX with the lighting design of the new Conad Superstore in Misterbianco. Not the usual retail project, but a project conceived and designed together with our Light Experts that could ensure well-being for employees and at the same time provide excellent light quality.

The Project

Developed by Comediterraneo, in collaboration with Laurentini Group, the new CONAD Superstore has been made inside the Shopping Center Sicily, a few kilometers from Catania. It covers an area of 1000 square meters. The layout of the store, explains Marianna Iacono, designer at Laurentini Group, was set up following a classic distribution of interior spaces, with the traditional areas in the centre and the specialised departments along the perimeter. The checkout area was conceived according to a "Human Centric" logic, using a special lighting concept that could provide the maximum benefit for all those employees who spend many hours sitting down. All areas of the supermarket have been fitted with lighting with luminous flux control, to ensure the right amount of light where and when it is needed. Noemy Trigona, Comediterraneo's Marketing Manager, emphasizes the company's ongoing commitment to finding cutting-edge solutions for its stores and talks about the special attention paid to employees. An environment designed and created not only for supermarket customers but also for visitors to the shopping centre, says Luigi Laurentini, CEO of Laurentini Group. The presence of a Bistrot area and of a large, equipped square offers the opportunity to meet, where customers and mall users can stop and enjoy the rich offer of freshly prepared Sicilian specialties.


Human Centric Lighting places the well-being of individuals at the center of lighting planning. Therefore, it can be understood not as a specific product, but rather as a holistic lighting concept. The goal is to provide artificial light that is as similar as possible to natural sunlight. In this project, the checkout barrier is the area with the highest incidence of daylight and the employees work there constantly for long periods. For this purpose, a HCL solution with automatic control based on the circadian cycle was installed. The colour temperature and illuminance level simulate natural sunlight. In the morning, the lighting is characterised by a neutral white colour temperature (4,000 K) and low horizontal illuminance (750 lux). At midday and in the afternoon, the colour temperature automatically changes to cool white (5,000 K) and the illuminance to 1,000 lx horizontally. In the evening hours, the horizontal illuminance drops to 600 lx and the color temperature becomes warmer and drops to 3,000 K. These phase changes occur over a very long period and therefore are not directly noticeable to customers and employees.


The project involved the use of the E-LINE NEXT LED continuous line system as general lighting in different areas of the supermarket, differentiating illuminance levels and beam distribution using lumen packages from 4,200 to 13,700 and LW (Wide) / LN (Narrow) optics. The illumination of the specialist areas was entrusted to the KALO PLUS  spotlight. This track-mounted spotlight guarantees excellent performance and optimized luminous efficiency to contain energy costs. Particularly suitable for retail applications in food, fashion and automotive, thanks to its high luminous flux, it is ideal for use in rooms with high ceilings. The 355° rotating head and 180° tilting head make it extremely versatile. Three technologies are used to enhance the characteristics of the store produce. For the lighting of bakery products, delicatessen, cheeses and typical products, LED technology IQ BF (Brilliant Food) has been used, specially designed for the areas used for the sale of fresh products and able to ensure exceptional colour rendering and saturation for more intense and brilliant colours.

In the fishmonger's and butcher's area, the IQ M+F (Meat+Fish) LED filter was used. In the wine cellar area, IQ EW (Efficient White) LED technology was used, capable of guaranteeing high efficiency white. A "decorative" touch was added in the fruit and vegetable area, thanks to the use of the LESIMA suspension, vintage in design but not in technology. Finally, for the lighting of the checkout barrier, the E-LINE NEXT LED continuous row system with HCL (Human Centric Lighting) was used, capable of reproducing the natural light cycle. The lighting of the iBistrot was also entrusted to KALO PLUS with 4,000 lumens and BF filter. The lighting of the square and the gallery in front of the checkout barrier was realised with the special 850mm and 1500mm RING suspension. The entire project included DALI dimmable functionality and entrusted to the LIVELINK lighting management system, able to manage the individual areas using smartphones/tablets.

Giulio Origo - Key Account Manager TRILUX Italy "The project has a look at the trends that recent events have helped to put at the center of the discussion of the world community: the attention to green. An attention that looks, first, to energy saving this is not a novelty for the PAC 2000A group. What is new is the idea of adding to this vision, already praiseworthy, also the idea of a space in which the environment and man can interact with the utmost respect in the search for mutual well-being and a careful coexistence that respects the needs of both. Living one's working experience in an environment that creates the best possible comfort for those who work there, that respects nature and saves energy, seems to be an important step and already within everyone's reach.


  • Project – CONAD Superstore, Centro Commerciale Sicilia, Misterbianco
  • Developer – Comediterraneo Srl
  • Design – Laurentini Group
  • Lighting – Oktalite
  • Photo Credits - TRILUX