The Dutch Ministry of Finance in the Hague was refurbished and designed according to the plans of the architects' offices of Meyer en Van Schooten. The aim of the project was to create an open form of architecture that was to mainly enable improved access of the central areas within the building.

The building demanded a lot of creativity and fantasy from the architects: grey raw concrete that has more of a cold, unfriendly effect was the starting point of the project. The main entrance had special importance during planning, as this was to be inviting and prestigious and yet still blend into the Hague urban atmosphere.

But the renovation not only covered the main building. The two large-scale gardens and the atrium were redesigned to attract visitors, and in the meantime have become a popular place for meeting. At night, TRILUX spots make the atrium appear exquisite and impressive with small lighting accents that set an unmistakable atmosphere. Pre-defined islands of light on the floor surfaces create room-sized elements.

The inner section of the atrium is effectively set in scene instead of being merely generously illuminated. In addition to the main building and garden, the newly constructed atrium plays an important role. Between the room-sized supporting pillars there is enough room for meetings and events, and at the same time the atrium serves as a prestigious location for employees and visitors to the conference centre.

In contrast, TRILUX floor recessed and ceiling spots attractively highlight the trees and garden areas. The interplay of the illuminated green surroundings and the blue light is optically highly attractive. Modern glass fronts round off the elegantly stylish architecture and prove that light is highly suitable as an element of design.

Project information

  • Customer
    Government Building Agency/ Ministry of Finance
  • Location
    Den Haag, Netherlands
  • Architects
    Meyer en Van Schooten Architecten
  • Construction phase
    2007 - 2010