History meets modernity in Italy

The park "Parco Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto", also called "Piazza d'Armi" by the people of Turin, is an important historical area in Italy. It was built in the early 1900s and used for military purposes until 1971. After a first transformation, the Parco dei Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto was inaugurated in 1974. In 2006, in preparation for the Olympic Games in Turin, the grounds were further renovated and embellished.

The project, designed by architect Arata Isozaki, included a complex consisting of an Olympic stadium, an indoor swimming pool and the Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto park. With an area of more than 40.000 square meters, the park is one of the largest public green spaces in the city center.

The project: efficiency meets design

As part of a major project to refurbish the city of Turin, the Iren Group announced an investment plan aimed at making the city greener by 2030. The main areas of intervention focused on: Green, Local and Quality. Specifically, the refurbishment project in Parco Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto for TRILUX was about replacing the existing lighting installations with a future-proof and efficient lighting solution. A clear case for the ConStela 19 LED: In terms of requirements, the ConStela 19 LED, was the perfect solution to meet the various demands for an overall coherent lighting. In addition to the decorative aspects of the stele, it also convinces with a long service life as well as the fulfillment of safety aspects, which play an important role especially in outdoor lighting.

Thus, the entire outdoor area was illuminated with the ConStela 19 LED. This smart solution, equipped with the optical MLT system (Multi Lens Technology System), enables extremely flexible and precise adjustment of the light distribution to the general conditions on site, creating perfectly illuminated paths and squares. The wide range of functional modules, such as webcams, Wi-Fi, loudspeakers, monitors and charging stations for electric vehicles, enables almost limitless application possibilities for the luminaire. Another special feature: the special anti-graffiti coating makes the luminaire resistant to paint and stickers.

Light only when it's needed

Upgrading conventional installations with LED solutions reduces energy costs by up to 74%. The potential is even greater when the luminaires are networked in an intelligent system. The use of sensors and dimming profiles helps reduce overall energy consumption by up to 80%. At the same time, lighting is only switched on when it is really needed. This reduces light pollution. A good example of an intelligent lighting solution concept, is the light that guides passers-by through a light corridor during their nightly walk.

More than just lighting

The ConStela LED 19 is a smart ready solution. However, the greatest potential of this networked lighting goes even further: the lighting network forms the perfect infrastructure for smart IoT applications. Smart City components are integrated into the luminaires via IoT interfaces and can exchange their data via the lighting network. The ConStela LED 19 goes one step further: TRILUX has developed an extensive and constantly growing portfolio of IoT modules. Smart City modules can thus be flexibly integrated into the column according to the modular principle without changing the design of the luminaire.

What the smart city of the future will look like and what it has to do with lighting is shown by the ConStela LED 19.

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Project Data

Project - Energy efficient modernization of street lighting

Client - City of Turin

Service Provider – Iren Smart Solutions

Lighting - TRILUX

Images - Piero Annoni