Imagine you could travel 111 years into the past. In other words, to the year 1912, when TRILUX was founded. What would you like to do?

As a big fan of sci fi movies and after watching “Back to the future” movie, I would definitely try to be only an observer to not brake the space-time continuum. I can say, that it would be great experience to see how people lived, what values they followed, how similar they were to us, even if we think that they were completely different than modern generations. Just like them, we make a lot of mistakes, have a lot to do, a lot to discover and probably, we will be judged by the future generations the same way as we judge them.

What is your personal "Where there is light, there is life" moment?

It reminds me the times when I was a kid and started asking questions what light is, why the sky is blue etc. and I was amazed, that so simple questions were so hard for adults to answer. For me light is like a breath of the time.

Every sunrise gives a new opportunity to become someone better, to change something and make the world better.

111 is also: three times the grade 1. Name three people or projects that have earned an A and describe why.

Igor Grunt - I have followed his career path at Trilux for many years and appreciate him for his determination and professionalism. Expert in Livelink Premium and enthusiast of unique and sophisticated music.

Radosław Sadło knows all the nooks and crannies of SAP system, always eager to help when something doesn’t work as it should.

Cezary Tomaszewski - great sales manager, great colleague, always on duty – you can ask him for advice at any time of the day or night

Is there a project at TRILUX that stands out in your memory and why?

There were a lot of unique projects I could mention about, but there is one that sticks in my memory the most. It was lighting modernization of Children's Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw. The project was implemented during the Covid pandemic and required incredible commitment of our team and constant contact with hospital staff for coordination purposes.

I had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people, see moments of both doubt and great determination. Now I'm proud that I could be part of this project and that I could contribute as a Trilux member to make this place better.