In many companies, the topic lighting is - on average - addressed only once every ten to twenty years. As a result, planning, installation and operation are associated with lots of effort. For us, however, lighting with all its facets is our daily bread. And everyone can benefit from this. With our broad service portfolio, we offer companies the opportunity to place all lighting-related tasks in our hands, including digitization.

TRILUX Services - outsourcing in a targeted manner and leaning back

The higher the demands regarding lighting, the higher the involved efforts in planning and operating a system. This especially applies to the continuously growing possibilities of digitization. For companies that want to concentrate on their core skills, we have therefore developed a broad, modular service portfolio that enables you to put individual aspects or the entire package into our hands. Here you can find an overview of our services.

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TRILUX Financial Services - everything is possible, even without funds

How much available equity and what tax depreciation options are on hand and how can a restructuring be implemented balance sheet-neutral? Finding the optimal financing solution is one of the biggest hurdles when looking for new lighting. That is why our broad portfolio of financing solutions extends far beyond the classic models such as purchase, hire purchase and leasing. With Pay per Use , for example, companies receive a tailor-made, modern lighting system from us and only pay a monthly usage fee. Just invest a few minutes and get to know our most important financing models.It is worth it!

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TRILUX Digital Services - how much future do you want?

The possibilities of digital connected lighting are diverse and promising, but also difficult to overlook. Does a light management system benefit me? Do I need a Cloud connection? How can I benefit from innovative digital services such as Predictive Maintenance? And how can my lighting system be used as an infrastructure for IoT applications such as Asset Tracking, Indoor Navigation, Heat Mapping or People Counting? This is all very easy with TRILUX Digital Services. We are showing you all the options, and - if desired - take over the entire implementation. The result: a lot of added value with minimal efforts.

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We have put TRILUX TALKS about the topic Services on TRILUX ONE. There you can also find other videos about different topics, including Office, Industry and Light Management. Just visit us. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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