ITZ - Innovation and Technology Center

Innovation for the success of our customers

The Innovation and Technology Center (ITZ) operates as an independent company and is a central link between the single business units of the TRILUX Group, without having an influence on the independence of the brands. The combining of core expertise from the technology sectors of electronics, photometrics and mechanics enables the utilisation of greater synergies for optimal, application-oriented system solutions. Components developed are made available to individual companies of the TRILUX Group for their applications and marketing.

With the setting up of a strategic technology management system within the ITZ, trends in the market and future technology are identified in good time and integrated into future product concepts. The basis for successful implementation includes cooperation in international networks, partnerships, associations and standardisation organisations, as well as active participation in research projects. In addition to technology and information topics, the ITZ provides central services for the complete TRILUX Group such as project management, laboratories and patent information.

Mission & vision

From luminaire producer to system provider

The key to success

Energy efficiency, Human Centric Lighting and connectivity – the world of light provides significant chances for our companies. The TRILUX Innovation and Technology Center continually researches towards the further development of luminaires, networking these and the control and impact of artificial light. In this way not only technically mature components are created but the market maturity of products is significantly reduced.

Renowned experts work on a daily basis to make technical lighting even more efficient. The team spearheads innovation in the areas of lighting, electronics, software, mechanics and thermodynamics. The active participation in international committees is also relevant for the standardisation of innovation and research findings. Partnerships, trust and reliability are the keys to success.

Intelligently connecting light

The global digitalisation demands that we change our views. Familiar structures and sequences are changing and lighting must also adapt to this development. The research and development of new technologies provides unforeseen possibilities that simplify daily life thanks to intelligent networking. With the LiveLink light management system, the ITZ takes the first step towards the connectivity of lighting installations.

The software joint venture Bittailors GmbH brings together expertise in the areas of application development and software quality. Expertise with regard to software is being continuously expanded with the theme of Smart Building, and focuses on professional lighting systems. As a consequence, systems for the validation of control components can be created and a tight interlinking enabled with the TRILUX Group. The lean and simple organisation enables both rapid and innovative results. User-oriented solutions are currently being developed for the areas of Smart Grid and Cloud.

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Designing the future with light

Energy efficiency in the lighting sector is an important topic because not only the quality of lighting is focused on. Environmental aspects also adopt an important role with the development of new products and technologies. To better utilise the energy savings potential of artificial lighting without compromising on quality, the ITZ is developing technologies that raise previous systems to new levels.

Light however also represents quality of life. According to the term "Human Centric Lighting" (HCL), the impact spectrum of artificial light is used to optimally support people. This is because light has different effects on the body and mind in accordance with its spectral composition, wavelength and time of light exposure. Accordingly, application options for biologically effective light are almost unlimited.

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The highest requirements for light

TRILUX expertise is based on more than 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of products and services dedicated to professional lighting. In this way innovative lighting solutions are created that fulfil maximum demands. To comply with such requirements, the Innovation and Technology Center employs a project management team supervising development projects based on a uniform process of innovation.

Protecting TRILUX solutions via patents, designs and brands is coordinated and implemented by a central protective rights department. The TRILUX Innovation and Technology Center has laboratories for electrical technology, lighting technology, EMC and acoustics, measurement and testing tasks as well as certifications, thus creating the best possible synergies. National and international work on standards is a main focus.

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