4401 G2

The LED refurbishment solution for metal strip ceilings


  1. The refurbishment of rooms with existing metal strip ceiling systems is complex and costly.
  2. New regulations (eco-design, RoHS) make it necessary to promptly upgrade inefficient luminaire systems, even in damp rooms.
  3. Conventional obsolete luminaire systems offer high potential savings in energy costs.


  1. Customised luminaire lengths, mounting concepts and lighting technologies specifically for metal strip ceilings make refurbishments simple and straightforward.
  2. The 4401 G2 enables efficient 1:1 refurbishment of conventional luminaires in corridors, changing rooms, sanitary areas and canopied outdoor areas.
  3. The 4401 G2 is particularly attractive economically due to its high efficiency, maintenance-friendly design and long service life.


Refurbishment without new fire protection approval

Simple replacement: with the 4401 G2, conventional 4401 F luminaires in metal strip ceiling systems can be converted to energy-efficient LED technology even without new fire protection approval.

1:1 replacement – no replanning required

Luminous flux packages and beam characteristics of the 4401 G2 were designed for a simple 1:1 refurbishment of the conventional predecessor solution. This enables efficient refurbishment without any re-planning.

Diverse versions for customised solutions

With three lengths (640 mm, 1250 mm, 1550 mm) and two luminous flux packages with UGR<22 or UGR<25, the luminaire can be flexibly adapted to the individual application. Cable entry at the front end for through-wiring enables simple implementation as a continuous line.

High efficiency with low operating and investment costs

A high energy efficiency of up to 131 lm/W, the long service life and low investment costs make the 4401 G2 an economically attractive solution that pays for itself within a very short time. Energy savings of up to 60% are possible compared to conventional luminaires, and even more is possible by networking with the LiveLink light management system.

Maintenance-friendly, future-proof and sustainable

The 4401 G2 can be opened on the room side for maintenance; the control gear unit, light module and diffuser can be flexibly replaced without removing the entire luminaire. Especially sustainable: the plastic diffuser consists partly of production offcuts – this conserves resources.



safety and orientation

With its high quality of light, the 4401 G2 ensures cleanly illuminated corridors and hallways and safe orientation. Especially attractive: the luminaire fits flush with the ceiling system and thus blends perfectly into the room. 

Sanitary areas

clean, safe light

The 4401 G2 is suitable for use in sanitary areas thanks to protection rating IP54 and impact resistance IK05. Flush fitting to the ceiling system makes the luminaire particularly easy to clean. 

Canopied outdoor areas

quality for outdoors

Also goes beyond building boundaries: the 4401 G2 not only provides first-class light in indoor areas – it is also suitable for illuminating canopied entrance areas, passageways and path zones.


Custom light for any metal strip ceiling refurbishment:

The 4401 G2 can be perfectly adapted to the individual project thanks to its wide range of variants, e.g. with lengths, luminous flux packages, beam characteristics etc. This enables a simple 1:1 replacement of existing luminaires without replanning.


Designed for quick mounting: 

In refurbishment projects the 4401 G2 can use the existing fixing points or grids of the 4401 F predecessor version. Clever functions such as cable entry at the front end for through-wiring enables simple implementation as a continuous line. 


Economical and attractive:

With its high energy efficiency (up to 131 lm/W), the 4401 G2 saves up to 60% in energy compared to the conventional predecessor solution. The luminaire is durable and low-maintenance, and enhances the surroundings with its high quality light and seamless fit to the ceiling.

4401 G2
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