Creavo LED

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The challenge

Planar luminaires have established themselves as a universal standard in offices. However, they feature hardly any visual distinguishing characteristics and often do not achieve the highest possible efficiency. Differentiation is achieved by directional systems though, but these are often not convincing because of their perceived high glare levels and annoying multiple shadows.

The solution

You've never seen directional light like this before: the innovative two-part optic with ConVision® technology ensures the highest perceptible quality of light and efficiency. Thanks to its high quality, attractive design and its wide range of sizes and mounting methods, Creavo is the all-purpose solution for directional lighting in offices and education. Light management and digital services can also be implemented via an IoT harbour. This makes Creavo fit for the future today.






Luminaires with ConVision® technology generate particularly pleasant light: it is directional, and space and objects are particularly perceptible three-dimensionally.

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Advantages with lighting design

One system – further developed for offices and education

Creavo offers unique flexibility with directional light. The portfolio consists of recessed, surface-mounted and suspended luminaires as well as a wide selection of photometric options and module sizes. This makes Creavo the ideal tool for lighting designers and architects with all lighting tasks in the office and education sectors.

Extremely pleasant – directional light

Due to intelligent two-part ConVision® (Convenience Vision) technology with lens and light chamber, the lighting effect is particularly pleasant – with noticeably reduced glare and less disturbing multiple shadows. Users can select between two light distribution curves: a wide beam optic for optimum uniformity with UGR < 19 and L65 < 3000 cd/m² according to DIN 12464:2011, or an accenting light distribution curve with UGR < 16 and L65 < 1500 cd/m². Variants with an asymmetric LDC as wall-washers for panel lighting in the same design and on request axis-parallel suspended luminaires for the ideal illumination of new room concepts round off the portfolio. Many variants can also be realised with a colour rendering index of Ra90 for especially natural colour rendering. The result is perfectly illuminated work surfaces with very good glare control.

Perfect combination – holistic solutions

Holistic lighting concepts not only implement recessed, surface-mounted and suspended luminaires. With the Sonnos range of downlights and the Finea light channel, TRILUX also has precisely the right compatible systems for directional light in its portfolio. All three systems are equipped with ConVision® technology. With use of the same colour scheme the systems can be simply and harmoniously combined while retaining a uniform appearance.

Creativity and self-fulfilment – maximum design flexibility for individual solutions

The light chambers are available as standard in three different colours – optionally in white, silver or matt black. While white appears structured and restrained, silver provides a timeless elegance to the room. The matt black light chambers are reminiscent of the typical dark-light effect of earlier louvre luminaires, achieving a discreet lighting effect. The design can also be personalised: the light chambers as well as the sheet steel can be individually designed upon request, e.g. using corporate colours.

Adapted lumen packages – for easy refurbishment projects

The draft (prEN 12464-1:2019) to the new EN 12464-1 recommends higher illuminances of up to 1,000 lx for office workplaces – for better quality of light, especially when the sensitivity of eyes decreases with age. In order to achieve these illuminances the Creavo portfolio includes higher lumen packages tailored to such requirements. Glare is also noticeably minimised thanks to ConVision®. For particularly fast and simple 1:1 refurbishments Creavo is also available with lumen packages analogous to the standard T5/T8 solutions.

Diversity of variants and accessories – anything’s possible

Ranging from the small square recessed solution to the linear suspended luminaire: with a total of thirteen sizes, Creavo offers the right format for almost all common ceiling systems. Especially useful is that thanks to its construction design, the recessed luminaire can also be used for concealed grids. Individual custom products are also possible upon request.

Benefits during installation

Commissioning – plug & play with Linect®

Incredibly quick: with the universal Linect® connection system, Creavo can be connected quickly and easily via plug & play. For maximum flexibility the luminaires can be installed either conventionally or via a plug-in connection. Connected luminaire concepts are implemented as continuous lines with a single power feed. The result: significant time savings when connecting.

Quality – premium material and excellent workmanship

When the going gets tough: high quality materials such as a robust sheet steel body facilitate handling. Thanks to precise workmanship, the luminaire can be mounted quickly and easily without pressing, squeezing or squeaking.

Networking – quickly done with LiveLink

With the TRILUX LiveLink light management system, luminaires can be quickly and easily networked and combined with sensors. In building areas without system ceilings, surface-mounted and suspended luminaires can be networked quickly thanks to LiveLink Wireless without laying DALI control lines – this saves time and money during installation.

Advantages in operation

Winning features – high efficiency and low operating overheads

With an efficiency of up to 150 lm/W and a service life of L90 50,000 h, Creavo ensures permanently low operating costs – with savings of up to 50 percent compared to conventional systems. Additional reductions in operating costs are also possible by combining with the LiveLink light management system.

Human Centric Lighting – for greater well-being in the workplace

Creavo is available as Active version for Human Centric Lighting, thus bringing "natural daylight" into the office. This can increase the well-being of employees and strengthen the biological rhythm when working in closed rooms without sunlight.

IoT harbour – space for the future

Fit for the future: the IoT harbour offers space for a sensor, beacon or emergency-control LED as standard. The sensor for daylight and presence control in combination with the LiveLink light management system enables the operating costs to be minimised. The beacon for Location Based Services can be used e.g. for navigation in the building or for room booking. The emergency light variants provide light in emergencies. Upon request, the IoT Harbour, thanks to its interface-based design, offers users the option of easily integrating additional sensors. This creates maximum future security.

One product family with many variants

Anything goes: thanks to a broad portfolio of sizes, optics and mounting methods, all lighting tasks in offices and education can be solved with one luminaire range – e.g. with a wall-washer for panel lighting in the same luminaire design.

Special light comfort

The directional light system with ConVision® technology features outstanding quality of light – with noticeably reduced glare and fewer disturbing multiple shadows.


The light chambers are available as standard in three different colours – optionally in white, silver or matt black. The light chambers as well as the sheet steel can also be individually designed upon request.

High efficiency, low costs

Due to its high efficiency (up to 150 lm/W) and long service life (L90 50,000 h), Creavo is particularly attractive economically – with 50 percent lower energy consumption compared to conventional old systems.


Creavo is available with lumen packages analogous to the common T5/T8 solutions. In combination with the suitable module dimensions of conventional solutions, particularly simple one-to-one refurbishment is possible.


Luminaires can be quickly and easily networked with the TRILUX LiveLink light management system. In building areas without DALI control lines, the luminaires can be networked via LiveLink Wireless.

Future security

Creavo has an IoT harbour equipped as standard with a sensor for daylight and presence sensor or beacon for location-based services. Upon request, the IoT harbour, thanks to its interface-based design, offers users the option of integrating additional sensors. Separate emergency light variants provide light in the event of an emergency.

Technical features

Construction forms Rectangular, square
Mounting methods Lay-in, recessed, surface-mounted, suspended luminaire
Glare reduction UGR<16; UGR<19
Energy efficiency Up to 150 lm/W
Lumen packages 1,500 - 7,800 lm
Service life L90 B50 50,000 h
Colour rendering/colour temperatures CRI 80 / 90
Light distribution wide beam19 / wide beam16 plus wall-washer in same design
Electrical version ET / ETDD
Protection rating on room side / safety class IP 40
Sensor technology Daylight and presence
Control LiveLink + beacon for Location Based Services
Emergency light 3h EB
Luminaire colour white + silver / white + white / white + black

Creavo LED
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