LiveLink Wireless

freedom through wireless networking

The challenge

  1. Desire for improvements in energy consumption, quality of light and comfort
  2. Lack of DALI control lines in projects requiring refurbishment
  3. Complex and expensive retrofitting

The solution

  1. Radio networking of luminaires with LiveLink Wireless
  2. Simple access to all LiveLink light management functions: from sensor control to the use of scenes
  3. Various control possibilities: fully automatic and sensor-supported, semi-automatic via integration of a push button, or via the LiveLink Control app.


Saving energy

Advantages with lighting design

Light management for the refurbishment market

LiveLink Wireless also brings light management to areas that were previously difficult to network due to a lack of control lines. The options of an intelligent lighting network can therefore also be used in buildings with classic three-core cabling.

Increased sustainability for older, existing properties

The demands placed on the sustainability of a lighting system or a complete building are constantly increasing. With a radio-based light management system, energy savings can also be maximised in older, existing properties without the necessary building infrastructure. The result: lower costs and greater sustainability.

DALI and radio – hybrid operation for integrated solutions

If the control cables are missing only in some building areas, luminaires can be integrated into the lighting network simultaneously via DALI and radio (ZigBee). In addition, LiveLink Wireless has an interface for commercially available push buttons. This offers lighting designers maximum flexibility and enables holistic solutions.

Selection – a broad spectrum with DALI luminaires

The LiveLink Wireless Controller is identical in design to the classic LiveLink Wi-Fi controller and can therefore in principle be used in most DALI-capable TRILUX luminaires. Individual specifications can also be fulfilled upon request.

Advantages during installation

LED and light management – simple via 1:1 luminaire replacement

Converting conventional lighting to an LED system with light management is possible by simply replacing the luminaires one-to-one – without DALI control lines and without interfering with the building structure. The quickest possible solution.

Simple, fast and reliable – networking via ZigBee

Following installation, the luminaires are then networked via the ZigBee wireless standard in just a few simple steps. Here, a master luminaire establishes a fail-safe mesh network with up to 20 slave luminaires in the 2.4 GHz frequency range.

Intuitive commissioning – proven via Wi-Fi

Just like the classic DALI-based LiveLink systems: commissioning is carried out in just a few steps via a tablet PC. The LiveLink Install app (for iOS and Android) intuitively guides the user through the installation process and simplifies commissioning, e.g. with a wide selection of predefined room configurations (use cases).

Advantages in operation

All light management possibilities

Thanks to the radio-based networking of the luminaires, all light management options can be used despite possibly missing DALI control cables. This enables enormous improvements in energy consumption, quality of light and comfort.

Extremely economical – sensors for energy savings

High energy savings can be achieved by combining the networked luminaires with sensors for presence detection and constant light control. The refurbishment of a conventional lighting system with LED and light management cuts energy costs by up to 80 percent.

Control – conveniently via app or push-button

The networked luminaires can be controlled either fully automatically via sensors for constant light control and presence detection, or semi-automatically: optionally via a standard push button, a wireless push button or with Wi-Fi using a smart device. The LiveLink Control app is available for smartphones and tablets. Users control the luminaires individually via the intuitive user interface.

Refurbishment-friendly: networking by radio

If there are no DALI control lines the luminaires can be simply networked via radio with LiveLink Wireless.

Welcome: light management functions

LiveLink Wireless gives operators access to the entire portfolio of LiveLink light management functions.

Economical: sensors minimise energy consumption

The combination of sensors for constant light control and presence detection reduces energy consumption by up to 80 percent compared to conventional lighting systems.

Smart: convenient control

Luminaires can be controlled either fully automatically by sensors or semi-automatically – via push button or a smart device.

Reliable: meshed and protected

The radio-based mesh network offers high failure safety because the luminaires are interconnected via a meshed network.

Technische Daten

Weight <100g
Input voltage 220-240V
Input current max. 50mA
Input frequency 50/60Hz
Standby power consumption <2W
DALI devices max. 32
DALI output current max. 64mA
Radio devices max. 20
Luminaire groups max. 16
Number of light scenes max. 50
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b
Wi-Fi encryption WPA2
Wi-Fi range max. 25m
ZigBee IEEE 802.15.4
ZigBee range max. 100m
Protection rating IP20
Housing temperature tc 0-85°C
Ambient temperature ta 0-65°C
Standards IEC 61347-2-11 / EN 55015
EN 61000-32 / EN 61000-33
EN 61000-547 / IEC 62386
DALI cable length max. 300m
Cable length of push buttons max. 25m
Permissible cable cross-section 0,5 to 1,5mm²
TK 10147831
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