Publisca LED

The public's favourite with proven technology

The challenge

Residential roads and paths, inner-city squares, pedestrian zones and areas around buildings do not only require standard-compliant and efficient lighting. Quality of light and luminaire design also play an important role since they contribute significantly to creating an atmosphere. Add to that increased requirements in terms of flexibility and smartness – and thus sustainability.

The solution

Publisca LED is a classic among outdoor luminaires. The slender luminaire range combines modern technology with a unique and timeless design. Thanks to a clever modular system, luminaire head design, light point height, light colour, distribution characteristic and smartness can be custom-tailored to any project. Even later conversions are simply implemented via two optional Zhaga interfaces. This is sustainability in action. 

Advantages in lighting design

Creating an attractive atmosphere – a range with personality

Whether classic or modern architecture – the elegantly minimalist design of Publisca LED fits seamlessly into almost any environment. And enhances its surroundings with high-quality light and exclusive luminaire design. Typical areas of application are inner-city squares, pedestrian zones, residential roads as well as car parks and all areas around buildings.

Modular variety – up to any task

A wide variety of lighting technology modules makes the luminaire range extremely flexible. Thanks to the modular design, central parameters such as post height, luminous flux, light colour, distribution characteristics and smartness can be flexibly selected. This enables perfectly configured solutions for every application.

Multi-Lens Technology MLT IQ – perfectly directed light

Perfect customisation: Thanks to MLT IQ multi-lens technology, the distribution characteristic can be adapted precisely to the installation height and the local conditions, e.g. road width.

Holistic projects – many areas, one design

Publisca LED is available with three different luminaire head versions. The individual design allows larger areas to be structured without any design disruptions.

Smartness – all options, no musts

With four switching types (LR, LRA, ML and SLR), the smartness of the system can be perfectly adapted to the project requirements. The spectrum ranges from simple switched power reduction (LR) to a networked smart-lighting-ready version (SLR) with a powerful light management system.

Wireless networking with LiveLink Outdoor – light management without effort and compromise

With the LiveLink Outdoor light management system, Publisca LED can be easily transformed into a smart outdoor lighting network via plug and play. Networking is carried out by radio independently of the on-site cabling. With LiveLink Outdoor, the lighting network can be controlled and monitored with unparalleled ease – and innovative applications such as running light can be implemented.

Zhaga interfaces – complete flexibility for later conversions

The SLR version has two Zhaga interfaces that allow Publisca LED to be simply retrofitted with a light management system and IoT sensors. A smart step towards sustainability.

Benefits during installation

All ready for connection – for fast installation

For quick and simple installation, the luminaire is supplied with a cable ready for connection.

Pivotable – simple handling and transport

In the versions featuring the curved and trapezoidal post mounting element, the luminaire head can be pivoted through 90 degrees during transport. This saves space, reduces packaging waste and simplifies handling.

Simple wireless networking with LiveLink Outdoor

Publisca LED can be simply networked wirelessly via LiveLink Outdoor. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the network is set up quickly, simply and securely.

Advantages in operation

Robust, efficient and durable – for low operating costs, long-term

Publisca LED is a proven outdoor lighting classic, made in Germany. Excellent workmanship, a high protection rating and modern technologies such as CLO (Constant Light Output) ensure a long and trouble-free service life. On request, the high efficiency of the overall system can be further increased by sensors and/or a light management system.

High-quality luminaire design – for outdoor improvements

Be it curved, trapezoidal or as a lateral post-top luminaire – each version of Publisca LED has its own charm and character. And all are united by the unmistakable range design. Thanks to its elegant design and high-quality light, the luminaire blends harmoniously into any architecture and surroundings, creating an attractive environment with a high feel-good factor.

One of a kind – flexible cover prints

On request, individual cover prints are possible for Publisca LED, e.g. to feature a logo. This gives companies the opportunity to design the luminaires in line with their corporate identity, for example when lighting car parks, access routes and entrance areas.

Light management – control, save and amaze

Light management is also profitable in outdoor areas. Networking (optional) with the LiveLink Outdoor light management system makes the luminaires uniquely convenient to operate via cloud. This not only enables great savings through functions such as running light. The luminaires can also be individually grouped and controlled according to the occasion.

Many individual possibilities due to modular principle

Outdoor luminaire with modular construction for customised light

Flexibility - countless possible combinations

Flexible in terms of light colour, installation height, distribution characteristic and smartness

MLT IQ - Lighting flexibility

Latest LED technology for cost-efficient operation

Application areas from modern to classic

Harmonious integration into classical or modern architecture

Easy installation - luminaires are supplied with ready-to-connect cable

Short installation times thanks to sophisticated construction details

Smart Lighting Ready - Light management by Plug & Play

Highly future-proof thanks to Zhaga interfaces for a light management system

Technische Features

Energy efficiency up to 120 lm/W
Lumen options 800 lm – 6,800 lm
Service life 100,000 h (CLO)
Colour rendering/temperatures 3,000 K, 4,000 K
Connected load up to 57W
Light distribution  
Electrical version LR, LRA, ML and SLR
Protection rating/safety class IP66/SKII
up to wind zone 4
Features 2 Zhaga interfaces (SLR)

Publisca LED
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