TRILUX Siella G3 D LED –
floating light in the office

The challenge

Lighting in offices should on the one hand be efficient and on the other fulfil functional specifications such as compatibility for computer screens. However, many end users who have until now used conventional solutions are looking for lighting which has a very quick payback period due to higher energy efficiency and lower investment costs. At the same time the system should also look good. This applies especially to large indoor spaces such as open plan offices, relaxation rooms, foyers and waiting areas with e.g. ceiling surface-mounted luminaires. In the entry segment in particular, lighting solutions often don't always meet the diverse requirements.

The solution

The new TRILUX Siella G3 D LED offers high 100 lm/W efficiency and a service life of 35,000 hours at L80. It is a functional and efficient refurbishment solution that brings both harmoniously planar light and a modern, discreet appearance into rooms. The white housing has a floating appearance below the ceiling. This is due in particular to the low housing height and a shadow gap in which the fixing accessory disappears. This is possible thanks to the innovative interplay between light entry from the side and the integrated driver. The intelligent concept enables simple, quick installation in just two steps. The Siella G3 D LED creates a unique room impact and its UGR ≤19 glare reduction is suitable for illuminating VDU workstations.

The result

The TRILUX Siella G3 D LED transforms refurbishments and new installations with indoor lighting; offering advantages for everyone involved – end users benefit from the cost efficiency and pleasant light effect and electrical contractors from the simple installation. Lighting designers and users are also given a modern design element that as part of the Siella LED product family is ideal for uniformly designed cross-room solutions together with the recessed luminaire. The Siella G3 D LED enables the wholesale sector to offer a complete, linear LED surface-mounted solution in the basis segment, and at the same time expand its portfolio with a compact office luminaire.

Modern design

The attractive design of the surface-mounted ceiling luminaire gives rooms a modern appearance – both with new projects and with refurbishments. The compact fixing accessory is barely visible and gives the luminaire a floating appearance below the ceiling, creating an attractive, harmonious ceiling look.

Pleasant glare-free light impact

The surface-mounted luminaire emits its light uniformly, in line with current trends for high quality planar light in offices and other interiors. The rooms benefit especially from the pleasant light effect. UGR≤19 also meets the requirements for VDU-compliant lighting (EN 12464-1) in offices.

A product range offering simple installation

The Siella G3 D LED remains especially flat thanks to its integrated driver, therefore also saving space during storage. The installation kit is included in the scope of supply. Installation is quick and simple. With the Siella G3 D LED, TRILUX expands the reliable product family and now offers a complete surface-mounted LED solution for the entry segment. 

Custom light

For custom-designed lighting concepts, the Siella G3 D LED is available in two sizes and two versions – switchable or digitally dimmable (DALI). As part of the familiar Siella LED series it can also be combined with the recessed luminaire for design-based office lighting solutions with design consistency.

Complete cost efficiency

The Siella G3 D LED scores top marks with end users as an economic 1:1 refurbishment solution for conventional lighting systems: with its high efficiency of 100 lm/W and a service life of 35,000 hours at L80, the Siella G3 D LED features complete LED efficiency. Rapid payback is also achieved thanks to low investment costs.

Installation and handling is especially simple

The ceiling surface-mounted luminaire can be installed quickly and simply in just two steps. After effortlessly applying the supplied, lightweight ceiling fixing accessory, the flat surface-mounted luminaire with integrated driver can then be slid into the ceiling mounting without tools and with just a few flicks of the wrist

Harmonious, uniform light

For flexibility with lighting design, two lengths are available with two lumen packages – 3,400 lm and 4,000 lm. The OTA 19 micro-prismatic cover achieves uniform, harmonious light emission. At the same time, the light of the Siella G3 D LED with UGR ≤ 19 is glare-free for VDU-compliance in accordance with EN 12464-1.

Refurbishment solution: durable and efficient

The 35,000 operating hour service life (L80) and efficiency of 100 lm/ W make the Siella G3 D LED an ideal refurbishment solution. Two sizes and two luminous flux levels simplify the 1:1 refurbishment of existing T5-/T8 systems and also enables rapid payback.

The design: filigree and floating

The filigree luminaire body is extremely flat for a surface-mounted luminaire with a depth of just 25 mm. The smaller, concealed ceiling fixing accessory features a small shadow gap between the luminaire and the ceiling, giving the luminaire a floating appearance. This lends a modern, lightweight look compared to conventional, heavier surface-mounted luminaires.

Siella G3 D LED
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