Siella LED

The standard in flexible office lighting

The challenge

  1. Energy-efficient lighting for offices and public buildings at an attractive price
  2. Different requirements for illuminances, light colour and light distribution within a building project
  3. Fast one-to-one replacement for rapid refurbishment of conventional lighting in existing buildings
  4. An energy-efficient solution suitable for a wide range of funding programmes

The solution

  1. Convincing overall package at an attractive price, and more efficient than ever
  2. One luminaire, six functions: four adjustable luminous fluxes, two colour temperatures, wide distribution or circular (Lambertian distribution)
  3. Easy conversion to efficient LED lighting with plug & play during running operation
  4. Holistic subsidy-eligible energy efficiency for offices, corridors and relaxation areas


  1. Top performance at a top price: Entry-level solution with high efficiency (up to 128 lm/W) and long service life (L80 50,000h)
  2. Good quality and durability: High quality aluminium frame and sturdy housing rear panel
  3. Fit for one-to-one refurbishment: Module sizes, mounting variety and adjustable luminous fluxes are especially suitable for refurbishing conventional lighting
  1. Mounting in next to no time – mains forwarding included: The external control gear unit with integrated mains forwarding function can be connected to the luminaire via plug & play
  2. Mounting variety: As a lay-in luminaire, for plasterboard ceilings or surface mounted – Siella G8 offers the right solution for different mounting situations

Adjustable luminous fluxes

Thanks to adjustable luminous fluxes in 4 steps, Siella G8 is fit for the new specifications of DIN 12464-1, regardless of the office area or ceiling height.

Adjustable colour temperature

The new multicolour version leaves nothing to be desired – colour temperature can be set between 3,000 K and 4,000 K via a dip switch, according to customer preferences.

Two optical systems

Whether in the hallway or office: thanks to two different optical systems – a translucent cover and a microprismatic optic – all areas in an office building can be illuminated in compliance with standards.

Protection of resources

No plastic or polystyrene is used for packaging. When printing the cardboard, care is also taken to minimise the use of ink.



Pleasant, glare-free light is indispensable in modern offices. Siella G8 creates a pleasant lighting effect thanks to its microprismatic optic with good glare control. Even with higher luminous flux levels, the glare limitations and suitability for VDU workstations, as required by standards, are met. This makes Siella G8 particularly suitable for meeting the increased illuminance requirements of DIN 12464-1.


In corridors, Siella G8 with its opal cover provides more safety and orientation. The Lambertian light distribution curve enables uniform illumination of the movement zones even with larger luminaire spacings. Thanks to multi-lumen adjustment, the luminous flux can be adjusted according to ceiling height or width of corridor. This ensures a perfect balance between illumination and energy savings.


Siella G8 is perfect for use in projects with tight budgets thanks to its low investment costs and consistently subsidy-eligible efficiencies of up to 128 lm/W. It can illuminate a variety of different areas in public buildings in accordance with standards. Even more energy can be saved during use by combining the luminaire with light management and sensor technology, so that the initial investment is quickly paid back.

Advantages in lighting design

In the entry-level segment with recessed luminaires, flexibility in lighting design is indispensable. Siella G8 makes it possible to use two different optical systems to illuminate the different areas in an office building with a uniform product design. With UGR19 glare control, the luminaire with microprismatic optic is suitable for the standard-compliant illumination of VDU workstations. The translucent optic with UGR22 glare control is recommended for all other areas. The adjustability of the luminous flux in up to 4 steps and the colour temperature between 3,000 K and 4,000 K in just one product makes lighting design even more flexible.

Advantages during installation

The external control gear unit of Siella enables particularly simple installation and trouble-free replacement in the event of a defect. It can be mounted separately from the luminaires and connected to the luminaire via plug & play. The large connection compartment enables standard mains forwarding without an additional connection box. Optionally, Siella can be installed in modular systems or plasterboard ceilings or mounted flush to the ceiling with surface-mount frames.

Advantages in operation

Siella is installed flush with the ceiling and blends harmoniously into any office environment thanks to its simple design. The quality of light has been further improved compared to the previous version, so that higher luminous fluxes of up to 4,400 lm can now be achieved without glare and with a pleasantly uniform appearance. In combination with high energy efficiency of up to 128 lm/W, this makes Siella an economically attractive solution that pays for itself within a very short time.

Technical data

Module sizes: M84 (625 x 625 mm)
M73 (600 x 600 mm)
M46 (300 x 1,200 mm)
Optics: Opal cover / microprismatic cover (with UGR<19 and computer screen suitability)
Energy efficiency: up to 128 lm/W, with all versions >120 lm/W
Lumen packages: 2,800 lm
3,600 lm
4,000 lm
4,400 lm
Service life: L80 50,000 h
Colour rendering/colour temperatures: Ra 80 / 4,000 K or multicolour (3,000 K / 4,000 K)
Connected load: 22 - 35 W
Electrical version: ET / ETDD in multilumen (up to 4 luminous flux settings)
Protection rating: IP40 on room side / IP20 all-round
Impact resistance: IK03
Accessories: Mounting clips for plasterboard ceilings (M84)
Surface-mount frame for ceiling mounting (M73 and M84)

Siella LED
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