So-Tube LED

Industrial Style meets New Work

The challenge

  1. Aesthetic and functional lighting of industrial architecture used as office lofts and co-working spaces
  2. Open ceiling layouts with visible pipes and cables   
  3. Creation of a distinctive building identity through light and luminaires as aesthetic elements  

The solution

  1. The iconic tubular design of So-Tube LED combines the industrial nostalgia of old fluorescent tubes with state of the art LED technology
  2. Flexible lengths and mounting methods allow the luminaire to blend harmoniously into any environment 
  3. Design and flexibility enable functional and sculptural lighting installations for prestigious areas 

New Work in old industrial architecture

The perfect lighting solution for industrial architecture used for example as office buildings with open space areas and co-working areas: with its modern industrial design, So-Tube LED blends perfectly even into rough-edged environments – and creates a uniquely attractive atmosphere in the office with high quality light. 

Up for any job

Whether as a functional single luminaire, practical continuous line or eye-catching artistic light installation: several mounting options, standard through-wiring and flexible connectors make So-Tube LED a versatile all-rounder for a wide range of areas from prestigious reception areas to stairwells and general lighting for open-space areas. Lengths and light colours can also be selected individually. 


  1. New style for New Work – An iconically purist design: the modern industrial design of So-Tube LED harmonises perfectly with the industrial architecture of yesteryear 
  2. Innovative technology and retro-futuristic design: Energy-efficient LED technology perfectly matched to the linear luminaire design and round light emission surface 
  3. Four sizes, three mounting options: With four lengths (895 mm - 2,260 mm) and three mounting options (pendant, ceiling, wall), So-Tube LED adapts perfectly to any application
  4. Complete photometric flexibility: Luminous flux and light colour can be selected flexibly. All sizes are also available as Active variants
  1. Solo and as a continuous line: The luminaire can either be installed individually or – thanks to through-wiring – quickly and easily as a continuous line
  2. Creative, attractive, prestigious: The attractive design and flexibility open up creative design possibilities, e.g. for prestigious light sculptures and functional objects
  3. Efficient and durable: With efficiency of up to 140 lm/W and a long service life of 60,000 h (L80), So-Tube LED is especially economic 
  4. HCL – the quality of sunlight. In all sizes: as an Active variant, So-Tube LED with Human Centric Lighting brings "sunlight" into the building


Retro-futuristic industrial look 

The robust retro-futuristic design harmonises perfectly with industrial-style interior designs. The linear luminaire with a round light emission surface combines state of the art LED technology with the industrial charm of the 20th century. Black-coated end caps, tube clips for fixing and the connection via the Wieland plug system give So-Tube LED its unique and unmistakable industrial character.


New Work in industrial architectures

New Work has redefined the office environment. Old industrial halls offer the perfect infrastructure for redesigned work environments with open space areas and co-working areas. The perfect luminaire for the purpose – So-Tube LED. Its distinctive design ideally harmonises with the industrial architecture and gives the location a unique character. 

Creativity for prestigious areas

For more character in the room: thanks to its flexibility and attractiveness, uniquely prestigious and iconic light installations can be implemented with So-Tube LED. Flexible connectors in two lengths allow the individual arrangement of single luminaires in the continuous line, e.g. as a zig-zag continuous line or room-spanning light sculpture. 


Anything goes, whether as a continuous line or individual luminaire: four sizes, three installation methods (surface-mounted, suspended and wall luminaire), various lumen packages and light colours (including Active variant) make So-Tube LED an all-round talent for office projects with different mounting heights and challenging room geometries. The flexibility also allows easy planning of individual light objects. 


Maximum simplicity: the luminaire consists of a single component attached to the ceiling via tube clips. Installation as a suspended luminaire is just as simple with a pendant set as an accessory. For installation as a continuous line, So-Tube LED has through-wiring as standard. Optionally, the luminaires can be connected together with a flexible connection cable (length 0.3 or 1 m) via the end caps. Everything is plug & play thanks to Wieland plug connectors. 


With its iconic industrial design, So-Tube LED fits perfectly into rough industrial architectures – and gives the space a distinctive character thanks to high quality light (including diffuse light emission and an indirect component for ceiling illumination). Another plus: the high efficiency of up to 140 lm/W and a long, maintenance-free service life of 60,000 h (L80). As an HCL variant, So-Tube LED also brings high quality light in sunlight quality to office spaces.

Technical details

With efficiency of up to 140 lm/W and a service life of 60,000 h (L80), So-Tube LED ensures continuously low operating costs. 

Efficiency to 140 lm/W
Construction size D/H1 / D/H2 / D/H3 / D/H4
895 / 1350 / 1805 / 2260 mm
Luminaire luminous flux 1.000 / 2.000 / 3.000 / 4.000 lm
2.000 / 4.000 / 6.000 / 8.000 lm
Colour temperature/rendering Ra >80
3.000 K / 4.000 K / ACT (2.700 – 6.500 K)
Glare reduction UGR 22
UGR 25
Service life approx. 60,000 h L80 @ ta 25°C
Connected load 10 / 14 / 21 / 28 W
15 / 28 / 42 / 56 W
Electrical version ET, ETDD
Protection rating, safety class IP20

So-Tube LED
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