LED lighting for parking lots

Companies located in industrial areas often have extensive parking areas for their employees – as well as more prestigious parking areas near to the building for customers and visitors. But even with smaller, more contorted company car parks the following applies: optimum lighting must create ideal visual conditions for pedestrians and vehicle drivers. 

The topic of energy efficiency in outdoor lighting is also becoming increasingly important, especially with industrial companies with shift work that illuminate their car park through the night. In such cases companies are increasingly installing intelligent lighting solutions with post luminaires and light columns that accompany visitors and employees when crossing the car park. 


Our outdoor lighting solutions are not only the perfect solution for street lighting, but are also used next to buildings as well as on green spaces and open areas.

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Car Park refurbishment with TRILUX

Everything except Stress

Lighting refurbishment offers enormous potential and makes sense both economically and ecologically. However, the selection, planning and installation of a sustainable lighting solution involve high levels of effort for operators. For us, on the other hand, it's our daily bread.

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