The Fano track-mounted lighting system is impressive in terms of shape and lighting. 

Its cuboid appearance hides the necessary cooling fins to create a truly coherent spotlight. At the same time, the product family boasts a high output of 4,000 lumens with luminous colours of 2,700, 3,000, 3,500 and 4,000 Kelvins and Oktalite® Best Colour. There are also various different possibilities for beam widths from

spot to very wide flood. The head of this elegant luminaire measures 126 x 126 millimetres and it is 120 millimetres in height. Its little brother, Fano Mini, even measures only 98 x 98 milli metres and is 90 millimetres in height. It has an output of 3,000 lumens, the same colour temperature and beam widths.

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Oktalite has been illuminating retail spaces for over 30 years. Having specialised in this field, oktalite creates lighting concepts, develops cutting-edge standardised and customised products and provides service and support.

As a member of the TRILUX Group, it is a single-source supplier: in addition to effectively staging sales areas, oktalite is also able to provide optimised lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor secondary areas.