The right light at the right time can promote success of the learning process in classrooms or lecture halls. Lighting systems for educational institutions should not only provide for a pleasant atmosphere but should also be energy-efficient.

Through the utilisation of modern light management systems, the light comfort can be increased – and the energy expenditures lowered. The result: lower operating costs. Especially in traditional classrooms with their typical room layout, an automatic and/or semi-automatic lighting control via sensors lends itself to being used. LiveLink detects the incident daylight and controls the amount of light exactly as necessary to achieve a desired, pre-set illumination level.

Not only does this support the eyes and the ability of pupils, students, and teachers. In combination with presence detection, the operating costs can be cut to less than half. But LiveLink is capable of even more: Via push-button or via touch pad, preconfigured light scenes can be called up. For instance for the showing of a film or presentation – completely straight-forward and comfortably at the push of a button. Simply intelligent.