If you want to learn about the future of lighting, you don't need a crystal ball or a time machine - a visit to TRILUX City is all you need. As part of our Europe-wide Living Contrasts Program, we show customers and partners in our 800 sqm "experience city" what a modern powerful lighting solution can do - and why there is no way around smart systems in the future. In addition to the high energy savings achieved through lighting management, networked solutions score points for transparency and convenience. If desired, each individual light point can be monitored and controlled via the cloud. An enormous advantage in terms of safety and user convenience. And that is just the beginning.

Ready for IoT and new tasks?

Our luminaires are!

The next big step towards the future: networked lighting is used as an infrastructure for IoT applications and also takes on tasks beyond "light". Any IoT modules can be integrated into our LED luminaires or the lighting network via standardized interfaces. And this can also be done retroactively, which means maximum future viability. For the most important areas of application, we also already have a wide range of turnkey, preconfigured solutions in our portfolio.

Smart solved

clever innovations for all applications

Smartness and IoT capability are increasingly becoming key selection criteria across all applications. Here are some customized innovations that our guests can experience live in the "TRILUX City":

With the LiveLink SwarmSens light management system, parking garage luminaires, for example, are automatically networked with each other by radio - and immediately provide smart functions such as "running light and light ahead". The solution is available pre-installed in the Aragon Fit and Oleveon Fit series on request.

In the office, we ensure more quality and efficiency with LightGrid. The innovative control system coordinates desk and ceiling lighting. This reduces costs and enables, among other things, the Human Centric Lighting curves of the various luminaires to be perfectly matched.

The new Tugra is a true lighting technology jack-of-all-trades with its pioneering cylindrical aesthetics, robust construction and enormous flexibility. The modular lighting solution can be installed either as a single luminaire or as a continuous row and is equally impressive in industrial and new-work environments. Open for IoT applications: The clever end cap concept allows IoT modules to be easily integrated into the network.

Of course, we are also consistently driving the smart city forward - among other things with our smart outdoor lighting classic, the ConStela 19. The stele, which has won several awards for its design, can be flexibly equipped with IoT modules, such as W-LAN routers, cameras or e-charging stations - and thus enhances cities both functionally and aesthetically.

Of course, there are many more smart innovations to discover in the TRILUX City. Just drop by once, it's worth it.

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