OMC Med Conference and Exhibition is a high-class, international forum, which is characterized by high-level engagement, dialogue and discussion. This year, it takes place from 28 to 30 September 2021 in Ravenna (Italy). TRILUX invites you to visit our stand at the OMC fair during these three days. Our team is looking forward to connecting with you to discuss sustainability and to get inspired together.

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Just as OMC, TRILUX aims to create long term value for our customers and the environment. We embrace the current energy transition as an opportunity to grow. We believe in forming strong alliances with our partners to contribute to a sustainable energy future.

TRILUX and ZALUX (expert partner for explosion proof luminaires within TRILUX GROUP) will be present as exhibitors at the same booth. You can download the floorplan here. Our team is looking forward to presenting our best lighting solutions and our smartest applications. Next to that, we are keen to discuss sustainable energy topics with you, and to show you how you can benefit from our tailor-made smart solutions.

Sustainable solutions for a brighter future

At our booth, we proudly present our ATEX portfolio as well as some of our industrial products and light management solutions. In this blog article, we will already give you a quick preview of the smart solutions, which will be highlighted at the OMC:

  • ATEX explosion-proof luminaires by ZALUX
  • TRILUX lighting solutions for the industry
  • TRILUX Light management solutions

ATEX explosion-proof luminaires by ZALUX

Luminaires, which are used in potentially explosive atmospheres have to meet strict ATEX / IECEx requirements, and need to be classified in several ATEX zones: 0 (constant threat), 1 (occasional threat) and 2 (rare threat), depending on the explosion hazard. All our ZALUX luminaires are certified according to the ATEX directives. Technical and safety requirements are combined with a unique design, excellent lighting quality and high efficiency.

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Kratex LED

The final boss for ATEX zone 1

This explosion-proof and flame-resistant LED tube luminaire with robust metal caps (optionally available as a polycarbonate or glass version) is certified for use in ATEX zones 1, 21.

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The high bay solution for halls with explosion hazards

With up to 39,500 lumens, the Orex LED high bay luminaire brings the best light into halls with explosive atmospheres. Its aluminum alloy housing provides high surface protection against corrosive environments. Its diffuser is made of tempered glass, and, depending on the chosen version, this luminaire can be used in ATEX zone 1, 21 or zone 2, 21 and 22.

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Defying shocks and chemical influences

Thanks to an extremely robust construction and a gas-tight seal, STRONGEX2 LED is able to withstand shocks, acids, aggressive gases, and salty atmospheres. The luminaire is made of high-impact PMMA, and the end caps consists of PA66 and glass fiber. This DALI-dimmable solution is certified for ATEX zones 2, 21 and 22.

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A strong solution for a safe start

Acquex LED can be installed as a wall or ceiling luminaire. The installation is simple and safe (via a cable gland). Its high impact resistance (IK10), great light quality, and efficiency makes the Acquex LED a perfect entry-level model for ATEX zones 2, 22.

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TRILUX lighting solutions for the industry

Our portfolio consists of several smart lighting solutions, which are suitable for the industry, but the following three products are our most versatile and clever applications for this sector.

Mirona Fit LED

Minimum dimensions with maximum power

This high bay luminaire is the perfect lighting solution for challenging industrial surroundings. Thanks to its wide range of versions, it is - thanks to its uniform, glare-free and reliable light - suitable for warehouses, distribution halls, heavy industry and foodstuff industry.

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E-Line Next LED

From experience. From the market. For the future

The E-Line Next LED stays true to itself, and yet consistently keeps taking steps forward. This luminaire is featured by its high efficiency, long service life, and high quality of light. The modular system with its unique range of varieties ensures tailor-made, perfect lighting conditions in every application. The Monitoring-Ready version of the E-Line Next LED opens up the potential for intelligent and networked lighting, which makes it the ideal choice for all continuous line projects.

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Nextrema G3 LED

The tough weather-proof luminaire for extreme situations

Ice cold, boiling hot, damp or dusty: it’s all no problem for the Nextrema LED. With its robust die-cast aluminum body, it can withstand cold stores, food production facilities, distribution centers or car parks at temperatures of -30°C to +35°C. In addition to its robust exterior, the luminaire's quality of light is also impressive. It provides homogenous light, which is glare-free and very energy-efficient. Installation is also very easy and time-saving thanks to a number of clever functions.

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TRILUX Light management solutions

Intelligent light management systems are indispensable in monitoring sustainable lighting solutions. They increase the quality of light, and can create an optimal energy balance, as well as a long service life. With a powerful light management system, lighting can become a smart partner, which is able to perfectly adapt to the needs of the user. Sustainable solutions offer far more than just customized light.


Everything perfectly regulated!

Our intelligent light management tool LiveLink has many features, starting with simple control via sensor or app, through Human Centric Lighting, to complex Cloud applications such as predictive maintenance. In addition, “non-lighting” IoT applications can be implemented as an infrastructure at lighting speed via plug & play via the lighting network. That is what we call “beyond lighting”.

Our light management system TRILUX LiveLink is compatible with all TRILUX applications. There are three LiveLink varieties: LiveLink Basic, LiveLink Wireless and LiveLink Premium.

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Follow our team’s activities during the OMC

During our presence at the OMC fair, our team will share daily updates with you regarding their activities. There will be added several updates in the section below. Make sure to regularly check this webpage or follow us via social media to stay up-to-date.

We are looking forward to connecting with you!

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