Considered the world’s largest indoor surfing facility, "Rheinriff" also serves as an event venue and coworking space. The lighting, provided by Oktalite and TRILUX, adapts flexibly to various usage scenarios, thanks to the LiveLink Retail lighting management system.

Beach atmosphere

professionally staged

The historic industrial hall on Düsseldorf's "Areal Böhler" now features approximately 6,000 square meters of beach atmosphere, used as an indoor surf hall, event space and coworking area. Retail experts employed clear strategies in designing this sports and event venue: establishing a strong brand, creating an authentic atmosphere, and developing a differentiated, experience-oriented spatial structure. They consistently implemented the concept in terms of materials, colors, furnishings, and high-quality, intelligent lighting solutions.

From the wave to the reception

a well-thought-out concept

The lighting design seamlessly integrates the diverse requirements of functional zones, ranging from the central "standing wave" to the beach volleyball courts, reception, catering and work areas, with a design "common thread". Cylindrical black track spotlights serve as a consistent element, performing various tasks. Depending on brightness requirements and room height, either B.Veo spotlights or the more compact Lenty Track spotlights were used.

The color temperatures of the lighting solutions were deliberately chosen to meet the different requirements of the various areas. Above the sports zones, the luminaires provide a neutral light color, supporting appropriate brightness and concentration.

In contrast, TRILUX luminaires with a special Efficient White light color enhance the reception, lounge and catering areas, creating a warm atmosphere with vibrant colors. The Mirona Fit LED from TRILUX ensures consistent ambient lighting throughout the hall.

Signature light object in focus

The centrepiece of the surfing hall is a design element formed by the arrangement of the luminaires, inspired by the "RheinRiff" logo. The illuminated hexagon above the surfing pool comprises of So-Tube LED luminaires from TRILUX.

Flexible, efficient and digitally networked

The key to individually, efficiently, and conveniently illuminating functional areas lies in the LiveLink Retail control system. The lighting management system wirelessly connects several hundred luminaires via Bluetooth LE Mesh, forming a network divided into function-related groups and zones. Operation is intuitive via tablet or smartphone.