Sports facilities are a world of their own, from soccer pitches, tennis and padel courts to golf courses and skate parks. Effective illumination with sports fields lighting requires high luminous intensities. On the other hand, the lighting must be glare-free and as energy-efficient as possible. It must also meet competition lighting standards and take into account environmental impact. Additionally, it should also be equipped with smart features. Our outdoor portfolio for sports venues makes it all simple.

Expulsion for the spenders

Across Germany, there are over 66,000 uncovered sports facilities, around 13,000 tennis courts, aprox. 700 golf courses and countless other open spaces for sports. Many are still lit with outdated floodlights. Switching to smart LED lighting offers enormous potential for reducing energy consumption and improving lighting quality. Our Lumena Plus 80/90 planar floodlight is a top performer in overdue LED sports field refurbishments. Offering luminous flux packages up to 200,000 lumens, over 150 lm/W efficiency, and a service life of 100,000 hours, it ensures low operating costs. The Lumena Plus is designed for simple 1:1 LED refurbishment of conventional floodlight systems.

TRILUX Sportbox

premier league in lighting technology

Energy consumption can be reduced further with lighting management, for example, through sensor- controlled daylight detection. Moreover, smart lighting control makes it possible to adapt the lighting to different usage scenarios, for example, reduced light intensity during training and matches and full illumination during competitions. Implementation is child's play with LiveLink Outdoor and the TRILUX Sportbox. The luminaires network wirelessly and can be configured and controlled via the Sportbox using a smartphone or tablet. Users can program and recall dynamic light scenes quickly and easily with a click. For example, choose a light show or goal celebration effects, creating unforgettable emotional moments at events.

Gaming experience

real life examples

Sports area and sports field refurbishments with LEDs are an important part of our service portfolio. A good example is the refurbishment of the Hagen sports field with Lumena Plus 90 spotlights and light management for individual training scenes. The new system cut operating costs by 50 percent and significantly improved the pitch lighting. It also boosts sustainability by directing the light precisely, minimizing reflections into the upper half of the court. Similarly, the Höingen tennis court was refurbished with solutions from the Lumena portfolio. Since then, the motto at every match has been‚ Advantage TRILUX, thanks to excellent and energy-efficient lighting.