Arnsberg, May 2023 - Appropriately for World Bee Day, TRILUX, German market leader for technical lighting, explains what is important in insect-friendly lighting - and why refurbishment is not only beneficial to the environment.

Insects, particularly bees, play a vital role in our ecosystem. That's why the ecological implications of lighting on insect populations are becoming increasingly important - and should be considered when refurbishing. "With our outdoor portfolio, companies can quickly and easily convert conventional, outdated luminaires to smart and energy-efficient LED solutions," explains Stefan Metzner, Head of Outdoor Luminaire Sales at TRILUX. "These not only result in energy savings but also inadvertently play a significant role in nature conservation, environmental protection, and safeguarding insect populations," says Metzner.

Four main considerations:

Color spectra

the attraction of light color

By carefully selecting the appropriate light color or spectral composition, it is possible to greatly reduce the attraction of insects to light, depending on the species. Generally, blue light (cold white), in particular, attracts species such as moths much more than warm white light (≤ 3,000 Kelvin).

Smart dimmed

the smartest turns off the light

Only as much light as necessary and only when needed. Time and sensor-controlled dimming not only saves energy and costs. Insects also benefit from light management and dimmable luminaires due to fewer or lower nighttime disturbances.    

Light deflection

maintaining dark skies

A sophisticated luminaire design (reflectors and lenses) directs the light where needed - with no upward light. This increases the efficiency of the luminaire and reduces light pollution at night.


made tight and cold

A high protection rating of at least IP54 prevents insects from entering the housing. Also important: The housing temperature should not exceed 50° C so that insects are not harmed or killed.  

Redevelopment? The best thing is to do it right.

High energy costs and new legal standards and regulations make the refurbishment of conventional outdoor lighting inevitable in the long term. But even without external pressure, a changeover makes sense due to the high savings potential and the sooner, the better. In combination with a light management system, LED refurbishment reduces energy consumption by up to 70 percent. With TRILUX as a full service provider - and a wide-ranging product and service portfolio, this potential can be leveraged quickly, easily and safely. Here is a selection of the latest tools and solutions:

Der TRILUX refurbishment wizard

the ultra replacement tool

Which LED luminaires can I quickly and easily refurbish my outdated lighting 1:1, and how much can I save? After asking a few simple questions about the existing lighting, the new TRILUX refurbishment wizard provides the answer.

The Jovie Configurator

quick, easy and to the (light) point

The Jovie luminaire family provides high-quality, efficient light for streets, paths and squares. Optics, lighting technology (circuit variants) and equipment can be flexibly adapted to the individual project and application. The easiest and best way to do this is with the new Jovie configurator.

Lumena Plus 80/90

two new ones for large outdoor areas

Strong growth: TRILUX continues to expand the Lumena Plus family. With luminous flux packages of up to 190,000 lumens, the powerful spotlights are suitable for illuminating sports facilities and large industrial areas. Light color, smartness and co. can be flexibly selected for nature and the environment.

Planning aid for DIN EN 13201

look it up and know it well

DIN EN 13201 for the lighting of streets, paths and squares is currently being revised in Europe to adapt even better to the needs of people, animals and the environment. In line with this, TRILUX has also reissued its planning aid for DIN EN 13201. The practical reference work supports lighting planners in the standard-compliant planning of future-oriented outdoor lighting systems.

Information and individual service

Everything at a glance: TRILUX has bundled all the important information on future-proof LED refurbishment. In addition, the lighting expert offers individual and personal consultation by the sales service or in one of the competence centers on site.