Arnsberg, June 2023 - After a sucessful career spanning over 37 years at TRILUX, including twelve years as the head of TRILUX Akademie, Heiner Hans decided to embark on a well-deserved retirement at the end of April 2023. He will be succeeded by Christof Volmer, who previously served as the Marketing Director at TRILUX.

Heiner Hans embarked on his career at TRILUX in 1985, initially working in application technology before transitioning to operational marketing. In 2011, he assumed the leadership role at the newly established TRILUX Akademie. Under his guidance, this institution for further training and development flourished, expanding to twelve locations across ten countries. It has since become one of the largest European platforms for light and lighting training, catering to TRILUX employees as well as external lighting professionals from planning offices, wholesalers, trades, and authorities.

With a keen focus on market requirements and the needs of the target groups, Heiner continuously expanded the range of services offered by the Akademie. This included the implementation of established training courses such as the DIN-certified lighting technician and the European Lighting Expert (ELE), alongside numerous digital learning products.

"Heiner Hans has been instrumental in shaping the positive development of the TRILUX Akademie with extraordinary dedication and commitment. It has emerged as a leading hub for cutting-edge lighting knowledge in Germany and Europe. I thank him very much for his successful contributions, and I am pleased that he will continue to support us in an advisory capacity," said Joachim Geiger, CSO and CMO at TRILUX. "With Christof Volmer, we won a qualified expert and profound lighting industry knowledge as his successor. I extend my best wishes to him as he takes on this new role."

Since joining TRILUX in 2021, Christof Volmer has held various key positions within the company, most recently as the head of Group Marketing. With extensive management experience and a wealth of practical knowledge, Christof's exceptional expertise in the field of lighting has been honed through previous leadership roles at Erco and Bäro. In addition, he has taken charge of overseeing the Retail application management within the TRILUX Group. Given the company's strategic focus on applications, it demands a customer-oriented, conceptually strong, and targeted approach to these areas. In light of this, Christof Volmer has been entrusted with the additional responsibility of Application Management Retail within the TRILUX Group.

"I am looking forward to the tasks ahead," says Christof Volmer and adds, "Working with the team, I would like to expand the leading position of the TRILUX Akademie further and drive international growth, for example, through innovative learning methods and learning environments such as the Metaverse or TRILUX One."

Christof is supported by the heads of the International academies. Dirk Pietz will assume this role in Germany in the fall of 2023. He will be entrusted with overseeing operations and program design at the German locations in Arnsberg and Cologne. With over 23 years of dedicated service at TRILUX, Dirk Pietz has been instrumental in shaping the company's success as the Head of Product Management.