For Cluster Marketing Manager Marcia Meier, this is the enrichment of architecture with high-quality light. More fascinating facts about our Swiss colleague can be read here.

We are celebrating 111 years of TRILUX! Three years of which you have already been actively involved as Cluster Marketing Manager. What exactly do you do with us?


As Marketing Manager, I am responsible for the Swiss market and, under the management of Markus Elmer, I also bear responsibility for marketing in Austria and Italy. My job is to provide the best possible support for sales. Sales promotion is interpreted differently in the three markets. That's why it's important to know and understand the differences.

Imagine you had lived 111 years ago - that is, in 1912, when TRILUX was founded: What would have been your dream job?


111 years ago, I would have been a dressmaker and made such fancy dresses for the women of the upper class until I became famous. A dressmaker needs creative as well as fancy ideas and there I also see a parallel to my job in marketing at TRILUX, because creativity is also very important in my job.

Where does your fascination for the topics you deal with every day come from? What does good light mean to you?


I am a fan of style and harmony. The world of architecture has fascinated me for a long time. When this is enriched with high-quality light, you realize what "good light" is. If the light harmonizes aesthetically with the overall picture and contributes to well-being in such a way that you hardly notice it consciously, then in my opinion it has succeeded. It is particularly appealing when decorative light can be used to create the perfect accent, rounding off the room concept holistically. The project business offers the opportunity to experience this variety of good light and is therefore so exciting.

What is your personal "Where there is light, there is life" moment?


My most memorable "Where there is light, there is life" moment was in 2020 during the Monte Rosa Tour in the Valais Alps. Within a week, I climbed seven peaks over 4,000 meters. Every morning I started early from the hut, with headlamps on my head. I walked slowly across the hard and cold glacier towards the summit, feeling the cold wind. The higher I got, the brighter it became. Finally, the sun slowly rose above the summit and touched my face with its first sunbeam - this moment will stay forever. It became warmer and new energy rose up in me. In the middle of summer, above the clouds at 4,000 meters, it was like another world and an unforgettable moment that taught me that the beauty of nature is incomparable and that light can definitely increase emotions and well-being.