LED and light control for new punch manufacturing facility in Salzburg

Sporer Likör- und Punschmanufaktur is one of the best-known institutions in Salzburg, thanks to more than 100 years of experience. The recipes perfected over many decades are strictly confidential and passed on from generation to generation. 

Customers in the show production facilities can now get an insight into the work of distilling experts. For this purpose, TRILUX developed a customised lighting concept featuring an intelligent light management system which provides maximum levels of lighting comfort and ensures that spectators don’t miss a thing.

All luminaires in the new building are connected to the LiveLink system. That includes not only outdoor lighting on the canopy roof, but also the coloured bottle luminaires installed throughout the retail space. "These containers have been in the ownership of our family for more than 100 years," explained Michael Sporer from the liqueur and punch-making company. The vessels previously used for the manufacture of a diversity of spirits are now optimally displayed with LED luminaires and float above the heads of both guests and employees.

The light management system features complete user convenience thanks to control using the 'LiveLink Control' operating app. "Users can specify exactly how much light they need in their rooms," stated Manuel Prochaska from TRILUX Austria. The desired value is set once, with the control then regulating light automatically – minimum effort with maximum comfort. 

"TRILUX has preset several light scenes for us, enabling us to switch between day and night mode, presentation lighting and the "filling" and "sale" scenes using a tablet or smartphone," continued Michael Sporer. The downlights, vessel and shelf lighting as well as the light on the canopy roof can still be manually modified though. "We can of course also create scenes ourselves and control these easily with the app."

LiveLink detects motion in the sales space with presence sensor technology – light is thus only activated where and when needed. The light management system also keeps light in the space at a constant level thanks to daylight-dependent control, which in turn saves energy costs and enables payback periods which now correspond to the earlier re-lamping intervals for standard lamps.

The traditional Sporer tap-room has been located in the heritage district of Salzburg for more than a century and the new facility is now located just five minutes away on the previous production site. Filling, tasting and sales all come together in the new building. "The large window fronts allow for a lot of daylight to enter into the room and LiveLink effectively utilises it – it's simply great!" said Michael Sporer.


  • Construction authority
    Sporer Likör- und Punschmanufaktur GmbH - Salzburg, Österreich
  • Building
    New construction: 110 m2
    display production and sales
  • TRILUX product
    InperlaLP LED