Indian´s green ministry shows the way: first net zero energy building in India

21.09.2015 | Projects

This is a project of Ministry of Environment and Forests for Construction of New office Building at Aliganj, Jor Bagh Road, New Delhi. The basic design concept of the project is to make the net zero energy green building.

This massive project cost the country about USD33.7 million and has been carefully built to meet the standards which are required for the LEED Platinum rating and also the 5-Star standard of India’s GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment). 

The Building is planned to be a state of the art landmark building, with emphasis on conservation of natural areas and trees to reduce adverse environmental impact, provide adequate natural light, shaded landscaped areas to reduce ambient temperature, maximize energy saving system and minimize operation cost by adopting green building concepts.

TRILUX aims to make light better both for people environment by not just offering innovative luminaires but also perfectly matching lighting solutions. Based on its expertise, it designed the entire lighting solution for the building around energy efficient light fittings conforming to Energy Conservation Building Code 2007 to reduce energy demand. 

Result: In the total area of 303209.94 sq. ft. the total wattage used is 98.655 thus resulting in 0.33 LPD per sq. ft.