TRILUX Group was able to offer a perfect indoor and outdoor lighting solution to “Choithram”

29.01.2018 | Projects

One of the largest chain of supermarkets in UAE “Choithram” added one more of their identity in Dubai. TRILUX Group was able to offer a perfect indoor and outdoor lighting solution to the project which was not only highly efficient with high Visual comfort but also added value to the architecture of the building.

Choithram Supermarkets are the face of a large and successful network of companies, T. Choithram and Sons established in the year 1944 in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Since then, it has developed into an international company spanning Europe, North America, Africa and the Gulf. It was over three decades ago that the first Choithram Supermarket and Department Store was established in the UAE. With its unbeatably high standard of quality and service, Choithrams has become a name synonymous with excellence in the region today.

In architecture, the facade of a building is often the most important aspect from a design perspective as it sets the tone for the rest of the building. In line with the vision of client TRILUX was able to incorporate not only tools like futureproof light sources and control gear but also through optimum and effective lighting technology offer a perfect lighting solution to the client.

Choithrams Supermarket is located in Al Safa, Jumeirah, Dubai covering an area of 2,100 square meters. TRILUX provided seamless lighting solutions by illuminating the whole facade with Linear wall washers Altigo , Lutera IP 65 downlights and Skeo wall mounted luminaires. Altigo G2 series helped gracefully illuminate mashrabiya pattern which is the heart of the facade. The mashrabiya pattern had some of the smallest groves which had to be served from the same family of luminaires which has a range available from 10mm to 1200mm in length in line with our Vision is to provide the perfect combination of innovation, Quality and service to our clients.

Altigo G2 is an efficient, reliable and diverse all-rounder for illuminating prestigious applications in hospitality, retail, landscape and other verticals. Thanks to flexible configurations and a range of versions, it is ideal for almost any lighting task and features a long lifespan. Whether it's the safe, reliable lighting of paths or the accenting of facades, Altigo G2 masters both tasks with confidence. The slender, efficient luminaire flexibly provides light accents on walls, ceilings or the ground.

The compact Lutera C is a durable, high-efficiency downlight with its slim, purist design it blends ideally into any architecture in terms of appearance. The TRILUX Lutera C downlight is a multi-talent as it lends prestigious entrances a modern appearance and at the same time provides safety for path zones around buildings. The luminaire also features a long service life and low maintenance. Thanks to IP65 protection, Lutera C reliably provides safe lighting even in dusty and humid surroundings.