ENEC+, identification symbol for LED luminaire performance

In addition to the established ENEC symbol, the ENEC+ symbol (ENEC Performance) was introduced by the European Electrical Products Certification Association (EEPCA) in cooperation with Lighting Europe in March 2014 to certify performance of conventional as well as LED luminaires. The new symbol stands for the testing of LED luminaires regarding reliability of operational characteristics specified by the manufacturer. On the basis of new IEC standards, manufacturers’ specifications on luminaires’ general performance characteristics are tested and confirmed. Luminaire data sheets certified ENEC+ contain verified information regarding

  • Rated output

  • Rated luminous flux

  • Correlated colour temperature (CCT in K)

  • Rated colour rendering index

  • Permissible ambient temperature of the luminaire

  • Rated luminous efficacy of the luminaire

An important aim of the ENEC+ symbol is the facility of conducting tenders based on performance and quality criteria. The ENEC+ symbol also provides other advantages:

  • a Europe-wide certification system covering the performance of various luminaires at the start of their service life

  • an advanced certificate which can be adapted to future market and technology developments

  • complete coverage of any relevant technical performance characteristics

  • consistent traceability of evaluation processes for product characteristics of all certified products via online databases

  • independent, manufacturer-independent opportunity for comparison