Safety symbols for luminaires

Table 3.137: Certification bodies and testing centres as well as national and European safety symbols for luminaires

The ENEC symbol (European Norms Electrical Certification) was created as a uniform safety symbol with uniform testing conditions for electrotechnical products in Europe. The ENEC agreement currently includes luminaires, luminaire components, energy-saving lamps, information technology devices, transformers, device switches, electrical regulation and control gear, terminals, device plug connectors, some types of condensers and radio interference suppression components. Further electrical equipment is scheduled to be included in the ENEC agreement.

The ENEC symbol is the European verification symbol for standard compliance mutually agreed on by and between a current total of 24 national certification bodies (cf. section CE symbol for luminaires). It certifies the verified compliance of the product it is affixed to with relevant European standards and is issued by any certification body participating in the ENEC agreement. The certification bodies of other countries treat products bearing the ENEC symbol as if they had issued the ENEC symbol or corresponding national testing symbols themselves. The ENEC symbol thus serves free movement of goods on the markets of the European economic region including Switzerland, and increasingly also on the Eastern European market.

Tests aimed at obtaining the ENEC symbol for luminaires are conducted by national testing centres based on the series of standards EN 60 598. An additional requirement for obtaining the ENEC symbol is a quality assurance system. Currently, ca. 85,000 products bear the ENEC symbol (see also