Legal significance of the ENEC mark

EU directive 2001/95/EC as well as the national laws legislated on its basis regulate, among other things, the marketing (manufacturing, importing) of products. Accordingly, products may only be marketed if users’ health and safety are not at risk. To this end, the user must be informed regarding any and all characteristics of the product pertaining to safety. Products must conform to commonly recognised rules of engineering as well as occupational health and safety as well as accident prevention provisions. Likewise, manufacturers need to observe their products’ life cycles, inform competent authorities about any defects they become aware of and initiate recalls where appropriate.

For luminaire selection, this means: Products with ENEC symbols can be assumed to conform to the current state of the art and thus the legal requirements of product safety without further verification. Through the  ENEC symbol on their equipment, manufacturers indicate that the certification body designated with the inspection center number has verified the compliance with safety provisions. In addition, production is monitored by engineers from the certification body, with samples taken for inspections.