Ventilation properties

Luminaires with air exhausts (ventilated luminaires) perform lighting and ventilation tasks in air-conditioned or ventilated rooms. One significant benefit of this type of luminaire is a reduction in a room’s cooling load. The lighting heat generated inside the luminaires is largely dissipated along with the extraction volume flow without even entering the surrounding room in the first place. This facilitates either a reduction in required temperature difference between room and supply air, meaning cooling capacity (cooling load) or a reduction in supply air volume. In both cases, however, the amount of energy required for cooling is reduced.

Regarding rational energy use, lighting, air-conditioning and acoustics should be coordinated diligently from early planning stages. The basis for this are exact lighting, ventilation and acoustic design data. In case of TRILUX luminaires suitable for use in air-conditioning systems, this data is measured and documented in the ventilation and acoustics laboratory according to recognised rules of engineering.

Figure 3.217: Ventilation measurement in the TRILUX laboratory