Awards for TRILUX indoor lighting

Indoor luminaire awards for good design

Aesthetic indoor lighting that creates atmosphere and sets accents are the aims of professional lighting, and this is a matter of a balanced interplay between successful styling, highest quality materials and perfect craftsmanship. But at TRILUX, design for indoor lighting is more than merely attractive: it is timeless, aesthetic and consummate.

It must unobtrusively and harmoniously follow an architectural idea and be able to underline this in terms of an integral spacial concept. Professional indoor lighting is implemented according to this principle, with the result that the design of a TRILUX luminaire not only has a positive effect upon space and ambience but also regularly impresses the design juries of various design awards. Here is an overview of current products for indoor lighting that have been distinguished with awards.

74R / 74Q LED

Whether round or square – the 74 R/Q LED offers an appealingly flat, almost floating appearance. Both direct and indirect light components are simultaneously possible thanks to the consistently softly shaped luminaire body. The result is a discreetly elegant design which attractively illuminates route zones and prestigious areas – also because of the organically soft interaction of light between the luminaire and wall or ceiling. Further design versions (surface-mounted/suspended) round off the product spectrum.

Designer: sieger design

Lunexo LED

The Lunexo LED clearly focuses on light and effect. The smooth light emission surface creates especially pleasant and glare-free light in accordance with UGR 19, for the standard-compliant illumination of workstations. With the suspended version, the pleasant appearance of the light is further improved. This is achieved by the uniform indirect light component supplying approximately 50% of the light. At the same time the luminaire sets attractive accents with its all-round light edge that highlights the interior design.

Designer: Designit München

Nextrema LED G3

The Nextrema G3 LED as the third generation of the tried and tested TRILUX weather-proof luminaire is a specialised, high-efficiency lighting solution for industrial environments. Whether for cold stores, food production, logistics halls or car parks – the Nextrema G3 LED emits pleasantly uniform, glare-free light.

Designer: TRILUX

Solvan Flow LED

The Solvan Flow LED can be used as a single luminaire (recessed, surface-mounted or suspended version) or as a seamless continuous line, providing uniform lighting installations using only the Solvan range. The UGR 19 version is also suitable for areas wherecomputer screens are used. With various accessories, the Solvan Flow LED can be modified for installation in various ceiling systems.

Designer: MiD (Möller & Demmer Industriedesign)

Inplana | Onplana LED

A glance up at the ceiling says more than a thousand words. It's here that the TRILUX Inplana and Onplana LED downlights exhibit pleasant, uniform light emission – the very first glare-reduced planar light in the downlight sector. The energy-efficient luminaires blend into any interior thanks to their modern, purist design, enabling light and the architecture itself to come to the fore. Installed flush to the ceiling, the downlights emphasise a concise, clean ceiling appearance, with the standard version slightly illuminating the ceiling with indirect light components. The luminaires are also suitable for wall mounting thanks to minimised direct glare, thus expanding designing flexibility and because big ideas often don't need a lot of room, the luminaires have an especially flat design.

Designer: MiD Industrie Design

Less G2 LED

"The integral continuation of the premium product with innovative LED lighting technology. This product range is characterised by ""less is more"". No unnecessary details or changes in material disturb the calmness of the design. The wide spectrum of products and configurations solve all architectural tasks."

Designer: TRILUX

Lateralo Ring LED

The circular Lateralo Ring is far more than simply an outstanding lighting solution – it's an aesthetically functional statement of individuality. The planar, homogeneous light and ideally matched direct and indirect light components illuminate the room in all directions with a high level of diffuse brightness and very soft shadowing.

Designer: hartmut s. engel design studio

Polaron IQ LED

The purist design of the Polaron IQ LED is noticeable and yet timeless. The filigree, perfectly proportioned ring blends harmoniously into the interior design.

Designer: sieger design, Michael Sieger


Attractive designs are becoming more important in the health sector as well. Both appealing and purist, the looks of the Sanesca LED blend harmoniously into patient rooms.

Designer: Billings Jackson Design

Lateralo Plus

The Binary Light Guide System not only provides excellent quality of light; it also has a charming appearance all of its own. The light points on the light-emitting surface create a three-dimensional organic look.

Designer: hartmut s. engel design studio

Coriflex LED

In a direct dialogue with customers and partners, TRILUX has developed an LED light system that meets the diverse needs of a modern light system and that casts all continuous lines known until now into the shadows. The all-in-one solution Coriflex LED enables 50 % time savings with mounting and offers almost unlimited design flexibility in various applications such as industry, retail, education and office.

Designer: Billings Jackson Design

Belviso S LED, free-standing luminaire

Reasoning of the red dot Award jury:
The innovative luminaire construction ensures work-compliant ambient light in offices, and the luminaire can be easily moved with its attached, robust casters. © red dot design yearbook 2012/2013

Designer: hartmut s. engel design studio

Belviso C1 LED

The design of the Belviso Cassette as a pure surface is enlivened by the precisely delineated light contour. The colour-illuminated light frame is available optionally and achieves an emotional upgrading of the lighting design.

Designer: hartmut s. engel design studio

Belviso D LED

Reasoning of the red dot Award jury:
This luminaire convinces mainly with its high efficiency and attractive aesthetics that also allow it to be clustered almost entirely without joins. © red dot design yearbook 2012/2013

Designer: hartmut s. engel design studio

Acuro LED

Reasoning of the red dot Award jury:
Pleasant lighting is also important in bathrooms. Acuro with its elegant, stylish design and progressive technology is outstandingly suited for this. © red dot design yearbook 2012/2013

Designer: sieger design, Michael Sieger

Inperla Ligra LED

With an extremely compact construction combined with high performance LED technology as well as a wide range of design attachments, the round Inperla Ligra LED downlight is a lighting solution for nearly all forms of interior design.

Designer: M iD Industrie Design, Ralf Möller + Patrick Demmer

Athenik Ligra

Semi-specular reflector with highly reflective coating ensures not only a high quality appearance but also an especially high light output ratio for the Athenik Ligra.

Designer: M iD Industrie Design, Ralf Möller + Patrick Demmer

Deca LED

A discreet design, a simple square form and a lightweight, unobtrusive appeal: Deca always seems complete.

Designer: Kai Lüchow

Offset S

Offset S is a free-standing luminaire that convinces with impressive energy efficiency, optical finesse and an extravagant design.

Designer: Kuebler Produkt und Raumgestaltung