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Organic LED. Thin film component of organic semi-conductive materials functioning similar to a crystalline LED, however featuring significantly lower luminance and hence better suited as an extensive light source. Currently predominantly used in display technology.

Open-plan office

Typically an office with more than 25 workstations and a floor space exceeding 300 m2, in older buildings often featuring great room depth so daylight supply is only provided to a limited extent.

Partial surface

A partial surface is a surface with increased visual demands, e.g. reading, writing, measuring, controlling and observing production processes which is part of a work surface.

Quality criteria

The most important quality criteria for lighting are:

  • balanced luminance levels in the entire field of vision

  • sufficient illuminance

  • glare-reduction

  • direction of light and degree of shadows

  • light colour and colour rendering index

  • variability of light in level and colour

  • avoidance of light flicker

  • sufficient daylight supply

  • energy efficiency