Background lighting

Areas within Work places, particularly ones with insufficient daylight supply which are directly adjacent to the immediate Surrounding area, also need to be illuminated appropriately. In accordance with EN 12464-1, these background areas must be illuminated to a minimum width of 3.0 m with at least 1/3 of the Maintained illuminance of the immediate surrounding area and with a minimum Uniformity U0 of 0.10.


For use in sports halls, luminaires as well as their accessories such as trunking or suspension materials must be ball-proof. Test conditions for ball impact safety are described in DIN 18032-3 “Halls for gymnastics, games and multi-purpose use, testing of safety for ball impact” and in DIN 57710-13 “Luminaires with operating voltages below 1.000 V; luminaires ball impact safety” (see also chapter ball impact safety).