TRILUX Online Efficiency Calculator

The website provides an online tool for comparing the profitability of lighting installations. It facilitates comparing up to 5 lighting installations in terms of their energy consumption and CO2 emissions as well as costs for installation, lamps, energy and total costs per year.

The extent of parameters to be considered can be selected from three levels – "quick", "standard" and "advanced". Quick estimates can be calculated just as well as detailed considerations factoring in multi-component lighting systems, savings through light management, installation costs, repair costs, lamp and maintenance costs, CO2 emissions and price increase rates as well as day and night rates for electrical power.

Data entry is done online in the input template "Calculation" (see figure).

Figure 3.48: Calculations using the efficiency calculator: The scope of calculation can be adjusted in three steps (pictured here: "Quick") / online input of all relevant parameters / import of technical data for TRILUX luminaires (e.g. "Power consumption of a luminaire") from the online catalogue / automatically calculated values can be overwritten (in blue) /  "copy and paste" functions for rapid transfer of entire columns of values

A further template, "Project configuration", facilitates entering personal data of the processor, a project description as well as project-specific calculation pre-settings.

Figure 3.49: Configuration in the efficiency calculator: Personal data / create areas / specify installation configuration / compare single-component old installation to two-component new installations

The following additional functions enhance the efficiency calculator’s benefits and support rational work with the tool:

  • automated summary of the results in a PDF file which can be stored and, where required, sent e.g. conveniently via e-mail (see figure).

Figure 3.50: Efficiency calculator PDF report:
Export of a report in PDF format.
Cover page with replaceable (proprietary) logo.
With project description and data on the editing person.
Documentation of all considered calculation parameters.
Export of results in table and graphic format:
  - Separate evaluation for up to 10 different areas (lighting installations).
  - Overall evaluation for the project (entire building).

  • tabular and graphic rendition of results (see figures and figures)

  • extensive range of online examples

  • local storage of personal calculations to be reloaded as a starting point for later calculations at any time

  • databank support for entering technical values (see figure, see also efficiency calculator manual, page 8)

  • extensive lamp list with data on lamp and system performance

  • consolidation of up to 10 areas in one project (see figure, see also efficiency calculator manual, page 6)

  • copy functions (see figure, see also efficiency calculator manual, page 19 ff)

Figure 3.51: Comparison of total costs of all lighting installations to be considered. Total costs per year,
composed of: yearly installation costs (blue 4) / yearly lamp and maintenance costs (yellow 5)  / yearly energy costs (red)

The evaluation facilitates an assessment of profitability based on the comparison of accumulating costs and savings potential. Particularly the profit opportunities resulting from various investments (TPO, see figure) in relation to the utilisation period to be considered are determined and contrasted.

Figure 3.52: Representation of the return of capital investments in the efficiency calculator:
Comparison of two lighting installations.
Initial investment as negative amount.
Operating cost savings over time add up to:
 - Compensation of investment costs at zero-crossing (payback).
 - Total profit of ownership (TPO) until the end of the useful life.

The efficiency calculator is available in 14 languages with 12 currency designations.