European standard EN 12464-1

Based on the revision of standard EN 12464-1 (2011 edition) it must be assumed that EN 12464-1 represents the latest state of development in the area of light and lighting. Hence, the statements regarding lighting of work places in this publication mainly refer to said standard. E.g., ISO 8995-1 – in comparison to EN 12464-1 – contains

  • no photometric requirements regarding background lighting (see also chapter ) of the visual task area,

  • merely general and no visual-task-specific definitions for uniformity of illuminance,

  • no definitions on the shielding angle of the luminaires as an additional condition for glare limitation,

  • no numeral definitions on cylindrical illuminance or the ratio of cylindrical to horizontal illuminance as a parameter for physical recognition and the balance of diffuse to direct light (modelling),

  • no references for determining the maintenance factor,

  • unrealistically low luminance limits for luminaires defined in the standard ISO 9241-7, which has since been withdrawn, due to old screen technology and screen classifications (see also chapter ), and

  • a less sophisticated set of tables with numeral minimum requirements for lighting.