Lighting of individual VDU workstations

Industrial workplaces without screens are no longer imaginable - they are standard equipment. Work spaces not primarily designed for VDU work, e.g. production and storage areas may also contain individual VDU workstations on top of typical workstations for industrial tasks.

However, for economic reasons among other things, it is not practical to equip the entire work space – such as a production hall – with VDU-workstation compliant lighting just to cater for a few some control or operating monitors (see chapter "Lighting of offices and rooms with VDU workstations"). In such cases, the work space lighting or the visual task area lighting can be supplemented accordingly for individual VDU workstations. To limit direct and reflected glare caused by room lighting, the following additional workstation-related measures may be practical:

  • blocking glaring light sources e.g. room lighting

  • partitions at the individual VDU workstation

  • shielding ceiling elements and light canopies

  • aligning workstations according to the specified lighting conditions

When selecting such measures, it is important that maximum admissible luminance values regarding the avoidance of reflections on screens are not exceeded (see chapter "Lighting of offices and rooms with VDU workstations"). Reflections of luminaires’ luminous surfaces featuring high-luminance lamps, e.g. with lighting using high-intensity discharge lamps, are particularly disturbing and must be avoided, by employing the aforementioned workstation-related measures. For all these measures it is important to ensure that remaining quality criteria for VDU workstation lighting, such as illuminance, are not adversely affected. In such cases, suitable workstation luminaires can be employed to supplement the lighting at individual workstations. Planning values can also be found in table "Individual VDU workstations" in chapter "Lighting of offices and rooms with VDU workstations".