DALI system expansion

Figure 3.244: Schematic representation: DALI extension via repeaters.
- A DALI control device can operate several repeaters in broadcast or addressing mode.
- One repeater counts as one DALI participant.
- Repeaters can be cascaded.

In DALI broadcast or addressing mode, a system expansion to more than 64 connected control gear units is possible. To this end, one possibility is to merge several DALI universes into one superordinate control system. Another possibility is to use repeaters as participants in the DALI installation.

DALI repeaters feature a DALI input on primary side (slave function) and a DALI output on secondary side (master function). At secondary side, a DALI power supply can be integrated. At primary side, DALI repeaters – as far as they bear the DALI logo – feature all the characteristics of a DALI control gear unit. They can be operated in broadcast mode (see figure), or addressed as well. They can be assigned group addresses and their operating status can be scanned.

The dimming values received from the individual or group address in question are transmitted to all control gear units connected at secondary side in broadcast mode. Status scanning regarding lamp or control gear unit defects is also performed. Feedback to the DALI control device is transmitted using the repeater's individual address. The downstream control gear units are not identified individually.