Adaptation of light to changing lighting tasks

By means of modern light management, the adaptation of light to changing lighting tasks is more flexible and easier to implement than it used to be in the past. Dimmable electronic control gear and control components have evolved into the standard and thus have become affordable. Also, the sound, efficient dimming capability and insensitivity of LED luminaires regarding switching contribute to the spread of light management applications.

These are the decisive reasons why light scene control today is no longer reserved for highly specialised working areas (see above) but have also found their way into meeting and seminar rooms, specialised training rooms and sports halls.

One essential distinction can be made in these applications: In the case of seminar and training rooms, lowered lighting levels serve to improve visual conditions, e.g. when it comes to recognising projection details. In sports halls, however, lowered lighting levels serve to save energy and illuminance, where applicable, is reduced to the level established in the standard EN 12193 according to the sport which is practised.