In damp rooms, electrical safety is impacted by moisture, condensate and chemical or other influences. In such locations, equipment must feature drip-water protection according to protection rating IPx1 at minimum. In wet rooms where floors, walls and fittings are hosed down for cleaning purposes, electrical equipment must feature an IPx4 protection rating (splash water protection) at minimum, or protection rating IPx5 if they are directly targeted with a water jet during cleaning (jet water protection).

Where pressure water is used for cleaning purposes, e.g. in pressure washers, protection rating IPx5 is insufficient. In such cases, it is recommended to use equipment with an IPx9 protection rating according to DIN 40050 (IP protection ratings of road vehicles).

Beyond that, certain work locations or rooms are subject to special requirements in terms of moisture protection. This includes e.g. rooms with bath tubs or showers (see chapter ), canopied swimming pools (see chapter ) or outdoor facilities (see chapter ).

For outdoor use, equipment must feature a minimum protection rating of IPx3. In special cases, e.g. protected facilities, IPx1 is sufficient. Fundamentally, indoor luminaires must be suitable for outdoor use if used outdoors.

Table contains the most common protection ratings for luminaires.

Table 3.142: Conventional protection ratings for technical luminaires

Fundamentally, luminaires for damp areas should not only prevent an ingress of moisture, but also provide sufficient protection against corrosion and degradation through the use of appropriately durable materials to be able to maintain the protection rating determined in their initial states long-term (see also chapter "Protection against chemical and other influences").