The aforementioned information as well as further studies have shown that lighting installations in use today as well as the electromagnetic fields they generate do not present a risk for health effects or even damage.

In normal networks (50 Hz low-frequency, see table and table) electric fields e.g. generated by ribbon conductors in walls and lighting installations register at 0.1 kV/m, a value reduced by the factor 200 compared to the legal threshold. Magnetic fields at a distance of 1 m from lighting installations register at 0.4 μT, which is ca. 10,000 times lower than the permissible threshold for workstations in Germany, which is established at 5,000 μT (= 5 mT).

In the high-frequency EMF range, it is unnecessary to consider lighting installations with ECG and other electronic regulation devices, since their power as well as their frequencies (up to 120 kHz) do not fall within that range. Consequently, impacts on humans are unlikely.