Further operational conditions

Figure 3.192: Luminaire testing in the TRILUX laboratory:
All relevant safety and performance parameters are measured and documented by TRILUX in its own laboratories on the basis of EN ISO 60598 for every luminaire. For series luminaires, the measurements for ENEC certification are conducted under the supervision of the VDE. This ensures that TRILUX luminaires conform to the generally acknowledged state of the art regarding safety and performance at all times.

Aside from compliance with operating conditions, the operating characteristics of luminaires are significantly influenced by their functional components. This is particularly true for technical luminaires intended for LEDs and discharge lamps. However, they vary significantly for luminaires with different light sources. Therefore, the following chapters will discuss them separately.

Generally, the following applies: The selection of components influences overall product quality to a great extent. Therefore, knowledge of operating and material characteristics (see figure) is indispensable for a comprehensive quality assessment.