Emergency light

In addition to DIN VDE 0100-710, further regulations and legal provisions on emergency and safety lighting must be observed, see also  chapter “Emergency lighting” and chapter “Emergency lighting installations”.

In case of failure of the general power supply in medical use buildings, minimum illuminance according to EN 1838 must be provided by the emergency power supply for the following facilities:

  • escape routes;

  • exit sign lighting;

  • switchgear systems in excess of 1 kV;

  • switching and control device locations, emergency power sources and multipliers for general power supply as well as emergency power supply and their access points,

  • Group 1 medical use areas. The room must feature at least one luminaire fed by the emergency power supply.

  • Group 2 medical use areas.

  • Rooms where vital services are maintained. This can include group 0 rooms. Each of these rooms must feature at least one luminaire fed by the emergency power supply.

The changeover phase to emergency power supply must not exceed 15 s.

For certain stationary electrical installations in medical use areas, shorter changeover phases (see table) or even uninterrupted operation may be required.

The continued operation of surgical luminaires according to DIN EN 60601-2-41 and other indispensable luminaires through an additional emergency power supply must be ensured for a minimum supply period of 3 hours. The maximum permissible changeover period for these luminaires is 0.5 s.

Indispensable luminaires can also include light sources for endoscopic operating field lighting (minimally invasive surgery).