Safety lighting for workstations with particular hazards

Safety lighting for workstations with particular hazards must be provided where immediate accident hazards exist in case of general lighting failure or particular dangers for other employees can arise.

Examples: Insufficiently secured heated baths, melts, dip tanks, caverns, floor conveyors and hoists with hot masses; explosive, poisonous, highly corrosive substances; rapidly moving machines where unprotected moving masses can overtravel (e.g. rollers, rotary printing presses, cable rope machines etc.); on platforms, stage areas, race tracks and arenas. Common woodworking machines (e.g. circular saws, planing machines) as well as drilling machines and lathes are not concerned if they are immediately disengaged by special measures upon general power failure. Particular hazards for third parties can arise e.g. at switching boards for blast furnaces, melting furnaces, train mills, continuous annealing furnaces, power plants and chemical factories; at operator stations in electrical machine rooms, at air compressors, at hydraulic plants, at cooling water pumps as well as workstations with shut-off and regulation devices which must be operated according to regulations in order to avoid hazards.

The maintained illuminance for safety lighting of workstations with particular hazards should be at least 10% of the standard values for normal operation, and at minimum 15 lx. The value must be reached 0,5 seconds after general power failure at the latest.