Types of emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is a type of lighting that becomes effective in time when the general power supply for artificial lighting is interrupted. It is the umbrella term for stand-by lighting and safety lighting.

Stand-by lighting serves to facilitate continuation of ongoing work which cannot be interrupted (e.g. surgeries in hospitals) for certain reasons.

Safety lighting is subdivided into

  • safety lighting for escape routes (for safe recognition of escape routes and safe evacuation of rooms),

  • anti-panic lighting (serves to reduce the risk of panic in large crowds e.g. at open air concerts, big events at night-time, in spectator areas at indoor sports events etc. as well as in shopping malls and to provide sufficient visual conditions for orientation and safe evacuation towards escape routes), and

  • safety lighting for work places with particular hazards (for safe completion of tasks and evacuation of the room).

Figure 3.77: Types of emergency lighting